By me and the brilliant W
By Elizabeth, who can't sign her second name because trans rights activists would try to destroy her life
Incels, trolls and paedophiles! Oh, my!
Graham Linehan
By Kara Dansky
Monday 5th April - New Prison Law Jeopardises Women’s Safety LOS ANGELES TIMES: Women’s prisons in California have been inundated with transfer request…
Paedophilia and the Scottish LGBTQ+ movement, from a thread by Malcolm Clark of The LGB Alliance
Extra Mess: Vichy LiberalismListen now (57 min) |
Graham Linehan
The Mess We're In: Raquel Rosario SánchezListen now (62 min) |
Graham Linehan
I left a comment on Kate and Jesse’s Blocked and Reported Patreon page. Let me know if they respond to it! Here’s the whole thing. “Long time listener,…
Graham Linehan
If women can't name a threat, they can't guard against it. By Genevieve Gluck
Here's how!
Graham Linehan
By Jorg C and JL