Trans activists have been targeting the Montreal vigil for the best part of a decade
Christmas gifts galore!Go here please! UPDATE: I’m not good at this!
A trans identified male speaking at a memorial service for murdered women is a new low, even for Canada.
Tribal titles in 2021, important actions to take, the male-pattern blindness of James O'B
Monday 29th November - Is This The Right Side Of History? 4W: Feminist campaigners protesting male violence against women were physically attacked by t…
A group of bitter wannabes have been targeting me for 15 years
I didn’t realise it was up! I was humbled and honoured to be part of a panel with Joanna Cherry, Rosie Duffield, Eileen Gallagher, David Bridle, and Ja…
Here is a Bingo card detailng all the things Jon Ronson will pretend he doesn’t know about in his upcoming trans podcast. I’d love to be surprised, but…
While adults refuse to enter the room, women are still at risk
Northern Ireland police cop on to themselves, potential good news in the US, Genevieve Gluck welcomes a new letter to the LGBT+ parade
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