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First of all, I’d like to say how surprised I am to be here. I’m a comedy writer, or at least I try to be. I never thought I would be spending the latter part of my life fighting for women’s rights and losing work for it. And yet, here I am.

Three years ago, when my little part in this huge battle began, I was naive. I came nowhere near comprehending the firm, coercive power misogyny holds over society. Radical feminists, or, as I like to call them, ‘feminists’, taught me that. But I should have already known something was amiss when Americans had a choice between a capable, experienced woman and literally the dumbest man who ever lived and they went with the man.

The American Left were so embarrassed about this appalling neglect of duty that they went completely insane. Rather than admit they’d been asleep at the wheel and let a cartoon fascist into the White House, they began trying to pretend they had actually won by creating an alternative reality, where people said things like “Quick point of personal privilege. James Jackson, Sacramento he him...” and expected the rest of the world to follow along.

(By the way, note how men are still the loudest voices in this brave new world.)

It was all so silly. It still is. These are the silliest bullies I have ever encountered. The fact that people take them seriously amazes me every day. I will never stop being astonished that there are people who read this kind of thing with a straight face. 

These people are nasty, demanding and stupid as all hell, yet corporations jumped to their bidding as if commanded by a voice from a burning bush. They did so despite the fact that the positions and requirements of these activists are too incoherent for anyone to be able to understand or follow them. The list of impossible things we were meant to believe was a long one and people didn’t quite believe that people could really have views this crazy. People like myself who kept shouting about it were deemed crazy themselves! It was quite frustrating!

I could maybe have ignored it if it was just silly. But some of the victims of this cult will live with the consequences forever, and for me, there was an urgency in addressing it. Of course, I’m talking about what they do to children, with the noxious idea that if a girl played with boys’ toys, or vice versa, that meant they had been ‘born in the wrong body’ and these children needed drugs and surgery to ‘fix’ them. As someone on Twitter unforgettably put it, heritage LGBT organisations were shoving young gay men and women back into a closet made of their own bodies.

Strangely enough, the AGP men who fought this battle most ferociously never seemed to require or desire surgery themselves. It was only children who needed to place themselves on those hospital trolleys. As Alex Drummond famously said ”The thought of surgery terrifies me”, and as Magdalen Berns famously replied, “Of course it terrifies you, Alex. They chop your cock off.”

In the UK, Stonewall endorsed this grim American import, this child of boredom and privilege, and infected institutions all over the UK with it. They did this with a sleight of hand that they’re still getting away with, namely, misrepresenting the Equality Act by pretending ‘gender’ is a protected characteristic, and ‘sex’ is not. In a letter now signed by over 10,000 people, we asked them to engage in a respectful conversation about these issues and received a flat “no” the same day it was posted.

While I was on Twitter, I made a lot of people angry by pointing out all the shiny lights and switches were actually just bog-standard misogyny. I was able to step into the debate because I had the safety net of an insurance payout for a small touch of cancer. As anyone involved in this discussion knows, the first thing trans rights activists do to anyone who steps out of line is target the victim’s livelihood. I didn't have that worry for a while, so I was free to talk about the damage gender ideology was wreaking on women and girls. 

This is how naive I was. I thought it would be over in a matter of months. I thought that once people saw the bogus science, the appalling abuse levelled at feminists, the casual, insane corruption of the English language, the historical revisionism, and the gold rush it was creating for some truly sinister people, gender ideology would just melt away like the witch in the Wizard of Oz.

Boy, did that not happen! But it was male arrogance in full sail to think I would succeed where brilliant women like Julie Bindel and Meghan Murphy had not. In fact, my efforts at galvanizing my audience went more like a sketch I once wrote with Arthur Mathews.

Meanwhile, I was subject to harassment campaigns of various intensities at the hands of trans rights activists, or as I called them at several different times over the years, Wokeus Dei, The Woke Stasi, Aunt Lydias, Beards, the ancestors of the witchfinders, the bullies who miss school… I was sued, doxxed, visited by the police...all the punishments women had been enduring for years without many people really noticing. Show don’t tell, as we writers say. 

One thing they really hated was when I used my Twitter platform to show the abuse meted out to women from all walks of life for daring to stand up for themselves. This harassment was only possible if it was done quietly, because as we all know, bullies don’t like an audience. Me, on the other hand, I love audiences! That’s why I usually shoot my comedy in front of them.

Now I’m here, still writing comedy, seeing if people rediscover their moral compass, and trying to make a living. I’m putting everything I used to put on twitter on this new website and more besides. Of course, there’ll be all the usual breaking news and views from the crystal mines of gender woo, but I’ll also be talking about music, gaming, writing, comedy, TV… And there may also be the occasional special treat! I’m hoping that if people like it, they might feel inclined to send me the price of a modest bottle of wine every month.

If you can’t afford it, no worries, times are tight, I understand. Everything here will still be free. I have a comedy writing course for which I might charge but otherwise, if I’d have put it on Twitter, I’ll put it here. And if I followed you on Twitter then you have automatic free membership. Also, if you ask me when I’ve had a few drinks.

So, yes, that’s my pitch, and that is where I am. I hope you’ll join me.

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