How Twitter makes it impossible for women to discuss their rights
Understand autogynephilia and you will understand the violent, envious misogyny of trans rights activism. (by Sue Donym)
Dehumanised by priests and nuns throughout their lives and now, in death, dehumanised by the Church of gender identity. Roisin Ingle refers to the wome…
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The Mess We're In: The CountessListen now (54 min) |
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The Mess We're In: New YearListen now (61 min) | Sorry! Late to upload this one!
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(thanks to W for Emelia Millhouse!) I actually figured it out! I actually managed to do a TikTok properly! This one is about my old pal, Graham Norton.…
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Monday 4th January - The Terrified Women In Canadian Prisons Last August we reported on one of the inmates in the Grand Valley women’s prison in Ontari…
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