We have a winner

Our first winner of the Jimmy Savile award for services to safeguarding is...The BBC

The BBC is asking for feedback on their output. Here’s mine.

For their incurious and deeply misleading reporting of the ‘rise’ in female sex offenders, for Ben Hunte and Megha Mohan, for Newsnight bullying Suzanne Moore, for telling our kids there are more than a hundred ‘genders’ and our young women that they need to wear binders to ‘fix’ their disgusting female bodies… for the millions of ways that they have been stuffing this dangerous, homophobic and, above all, misogynistic cult ideology down our throats, they are the all-too fitting inaugural recipients of the Jimmy Savile Award for services to safeguarding.

If they ignore this scandal much longer, if they don’t start putting adults in the room, a terrible part of their history will be repeating itself. Meanwhile, clear a space on the wall at Broadcasting House for this beautiful reminder of how they conducted themselves during the years 2015 to 2019.

Of course, he’s turned off replies

This is ‘Hannah’.

Have you ever seen such pandering to children?

The world: Yay America! You got rid of that lunatic!


‘Prefer not to share’. Why ask the fucking question at all? God this is the dumbest time that has ever been.

Bit on the nose for Biden?

This is parody, but it’s also not. Biden just destroyed women’s sports.

Private Eye reviews Shrier’s book


The fightback is on, though

Expect great things from this group. In the meantime, if you’re still on Twitter, follow them.

But the collaborators will always be with us

And of course, Jezebel, the handmaiden’s website of choice

These. Are. MRAs

Dear God

We spoke to Shelley Charlesworth about this kind of nonsense.

And finally…

I recently redownloaded Dying Light after watching a couple of videos like this and holy cow, is it great. I originally thought it was just a kind of uninspiring, depressing retread of familiar zombie game tropes but that was before I found the grappling hook. Ooooooof. Get it got. And a sequel’s coming this year! (NOTE: Someone complained about the violence in this. Sorry, I should have given a warning! But it’s a zombie game, with all that implies).