"How much longer are women going to stand for this insult?"

Magdalen Berns' question gets more urgent every day

BBC’s File on 4 this week broadcast a programme called ‘Women Who Abuse’. It focused on the 84% rise in the number of reported cases of female child abusers between 2015 and 2019.

Fair Play For Women have covered this in depth already: first of all, the rise is to 3% of all child sexual abuse (CSA) cases, meaning the remaining 97% of CSA offences is carried out by men, a fact that trans activists often pretend isn’t true, and secondly, much more importantly, police forces now record crimes based on the criminal’s self-declared gender and not their birth sex. You would imagine a caveat of this size might be relevant. It was not disclosed in the programme.

That’s the same BBC which last month rewrote Ben Hunte’s article on puberty blockers because of the errors and poor reporting it contained and this month had to cancel the children’s documentary 'DIY Trans Teens', which contained a false suicide claim in the promotional material alone. A spokesman said 'the documentary is not finished and will be broadcast at a later date'.

We’ve done our own research into some reports on recent female child abuse cases - see if you can spot a trend between these criminals to ascertain why there has been a rise in cases.

This week a court heard that Denen Anderson was found with ‘horrifying’ material on ‘her’ phone, including images, videos and notes about raping and torturing children.

The press refers to Denen as a woman throughout. But this is Denen’s actual name according to court documents.

There’s also Jacinta Brooks, who has targeted children at least three times in recent years.

(And if you think that Metro headline is extraordinary, how about this one from this week)

Julie Marshall was found with 80,000 images of child sexual abuse. The BBC called him a ‘Blackpool woman’.

Rachel Smith is a prolific sex offender with 50 convictions. And, like all the others on this page, is a man.

Katie Dolatowski avoided prison for this, and was instead sent to a female-only hostel.

Davina Ayrton’s sentence came in 2016, when the BBC would at least put the word ‘transgender’ in front of the word ‘woman’.

Officers found that Ella Davies held over 1,000 images of child abuse. But the judge still expressed sympathy for him, saying “I accept your experience of custody may be more challenging for you than for others, for obvious reasons.”

The BBC said Ella ‘turned herself in’ - using this accompanying image.

Chloe Walker has 49 offences against his name - ‘including a string of sexual crimes against boys and girls’.

Nick Pool was arrested after arranging to meet what he thought was a 12-year-old girl. He then became Stacey Pool.

And of course there’s Karen White, jailed for sexual offences against children, and then moved to a women’s prison when he identified as a woman. Where he raped female prisoners.

What do all these child sex offenders have in common?

They’re all male.

But they all identify as women.

So the police are recording them as female offenders.

And the BBC will then ask why there’s a rise in female child sex offenders, without disclosing any of the above.

How much longer will women stand for this insult?