This is real

I wish it WAS parody

The only women you support are male

Notice how Colm drops the ‘inclusive’ terms when he’s talking to a male. Real women are ‘people’ but trans-identified males are ‘women’. Why does this misogynist still have a place in Amnesty? Oh, right, it’s because he fits right in.

Why is a BBC employee cosying up to an abusive misogynist?

Cursed E is the psychopathic Independent writer who posts gleefully about ‘marking his territory’ in women’s toilets. I guess this is who the BBC are listening to now over ‘monsters’ like JK Rowling, which explains why they’re walking into another safeguarding scandal.

Luckily, your voices are being heard in there

Keep it up!

“We are living through the most misogynistic period I’ve experienced” - JK Rowling

Ah, ‘sex work’. Another Amnesty favourite.


Bethan nails it

Coffeespooons also on point

What a surprise

Yes, I wondered how Emma would take to being suddenly considered a heterosexual

Ah, memories

Can’t wait for this shit to end

…and this gold in reply.

This is why GC people need to get on TikTok

If only to follow this woman

Two men sort out feminism

And finally