Farewell, Buffalo Bill

Incels lose their champion

My thanks to @RipNutmeg for the screenshots. I asked for a ‘greatest hits’ and she sure delivered.

Huge loss to incel rights as CursedE, violently misogynistic psychopath, leaves Twitter after apparently being doxed. According to the typically deranged goodbye letter to his Patreon marks, Cursed thinks I had something to do with it. Believe me, I wish I did have something to with it.

I suspect he pulled this from the same part of his imagination as the “death threats and threats of mutilation from transphobes and JK Rowling fans” (let’s see them, then). As for my sharing the photograph of him, that’s so obviously a lie. You can see why he didn’t want anyone but his Patreon audience reading it. (It was shared by trash metal guitarist Katy Montgomerie).

This sentence made me laugh out loud, though. “And I have really grown. The person I was even 5 years ago was, as I’ve said a bunch of times, a fairly bitter and resentful horrible little dick head.”

Anyway, let’s see how this actual fucking journalist for the Independent has ‘grown’ over the last few years.

“My mum has”

“There is literally nothing you can do”

Marking his territory

This is a man who enjoys frightening women and having power over them.

And that’s because he hates them

Anyway, good riddance to this psycho, incel dickhead troll, and shame on you, Independent, for ever employing him.