The wrong side of history

The Wi Spa incident confirms that the Left are an absolute shitshow at the moment

We’ve written previously on this site about the men who use ‘trans rights’ as a cover for erasing the protocols and spaces which keep women and girls safe. Men with an obvious agenda like paedophiles, Peter Bright and Eric Joyce.

Now gender zealots are having to defend such men. Adherence to this lunatic ideology dictates that if an intact male flashing his genitalia in a women-only space claims to be trans, then he’s the one deserving of empathy. The rhetoric seems to have gone from “They just want to pee” to “They have a right to expose themselves to women and children”.

We’ve probably all seen the footage of this warrior woman, a customer at a Los Angeles branch of Wi Spa, protesting that a naked man was allowed to expose himself to little girls in the women-only area.

According to gender ideologues, such basic child-safeguarding concerns are now deemed bigoted and ‘right wing’.

This article in Los Angeles Magazine implies that the Wi Spa Wonder Woman is the unreasonable one and describes her as ‘losing it’ and causing ‘a ruckus’. It also claims she ‘seems to deny the existence of trans people’ because she objects to a naked man in a female space. The man showing his dick to children in the ladies’, by comparison, is referred to as ‘a trans woman with male genitalia’.

The Washington Post is also obfuscating the entire story to imply that the female customer is at fault, not the ‘transgender woman’ ie the intact male.

Zac Boyer, a manager at LGBTQ+ organization, Stonewall Columbus, said that women-only spaces should be protected but added, “That doesn’t mean all women have the same genitals."

That magic word - ‘identify’ - now means that women cannot challenge a naked man exposing his genitalia to children in a female-only space. This is the rabbit hole down which the cult of gender must ultimately lead. And many of its evangelists have dug themselves in so deep, they cannot turn back.

Fauxminist and gender sycophant, Laurie Penny, was asked about the experience of a 15-year-old girl encountering a naked man in her changing room. She replied “How am I supposed to know how she should feel? …I’d advise her not to stare at other people’s genitals without their permission, because it’s rude.

She then tried to maintain that “Nobody’s body is a threat” (no reason why transwomen can’t use the gents, then?) and she described women’s wholly justifiable need for male-free spaces as ‘supremacist thinking’.

Ligneous bit-part actor and ligamentophobe, David Paisley, tried to argue that caring for a loved one in the home is the same thing as a total stranger getting his tackle out in a women’s changing room.

Such maxims would be laughable were they not so dangerous.

But over the weekend we were reminded how sinister the enforcement of this ideology can be when a planned demonstration at Wi Spa in Los Angeles was hijacked by violent trans activists and the Antifa rent-a-mob.

Social media was full of images of violence and aggression from those espousing gender ideology against those wanting to protect women and children.

In this footage, a lone woman can be seen surrounded, hounded and intimidated by a gang of aggressive yobs who physically assaulted her.

All of the evidence shows that the brutality and aggression came overwhelmingly from one side.

The imposition of a political dogma using intimidation and violence and the forcible suppression of opposition does not make one anti-fascist, it makes one the absolute epitome of fascism.

Reporting on the demonstration, NBC News described those opposed to men in women’s spaces as ‘a few far right protestors’ and made reference to the ‘transwoman’ who had disrobed ‘revealing her penis’ at Wi Spa.

The Independent made its allegiance perfectly clear in a similar manner by painting the protest as being about ‘trans inclusivity’ rather than the protection of women and children. This article even accuses the customer who made the original video of ‘mis-gendering a trans woman’.

Blue-ticked ‘feminist gamer’, Anita she/her Sarkeesian, also tried to spin the ‘poor oppressed trans ladies hounded by right-wing bigots’ propaganda.

How these people manage the mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance required to turn the guy exposing himself to young girls into the injured party here defies belief.

Even ignoring the numerous examples of trans-identified males who have raped, assaulted or abused females (Katie DolatowskiJessica WinfieldTara Desousa, Janiah MonroeKristen LukessLisa HuaxwellLaken McKay, Aliea Rose BrownPaula WitherspoonDavina AyrtonJohanna WolfMarie Dean… ), even ignoring that men never expose their genitalia to women and children with benign intentions, even ignoring that many women cannot be in a mixed-sex space because of their faith, culture or past trauma, females should always have an unequivocal right to a male-free space. It should require no justification.

The gender militants insisting so vociferously that the predator showing his genitals to little girls in the ladies’ room really is a ‘trans woman’ with a ‘female penis’ are not helping genuine transsexuals.

But then this movement rarely has any interest in the rights and welfare of trans people. Trans activism is just a front to justify subjugating, intimidating and assaulting women and adherence to its ideology requires defending adult males who expose themselves to kids.

To all those still sitting on the fence on this issue, it’s time to pick a team. Just make sure it isn’t the one shilling for violent thugs and sexual predators. Because this is what you’ll be facilitating.

UPDATE: American women are not backing down on this.