Thanks to Frankie for this--you can complain here bsuh.genderinclusionmidwives@nhs.net

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I have written to the "gender inclusion midwives", and also the following: the ordinary midwives at BSUH, the Patient Liaison Service (PALS - BSUH.complaints), with blind copies to the head of the BSUH Children and Women's Clinical Directorate, Dr Ryan Watkins, and the Vice-President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Dr Andrew Long who was in a news clip with him about the shortage of consultant paediatricians in 2017 (Google search).

I wrote:

Dear Ladies (for I assume that you are mainly ladies),

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/09/midwives-told-stop-using-terms-breastfeeding-breastmilk/ and

https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/breastfeeding-is-now-chestfeeding-brightons-trans-friendly-midwives-are-told-pwlvmcnc7 (also 9th Feb 2021)

Please read the above articles. There is a reason why they were published: the "woke" policy which BSUH NHS Trust has adopted is absurd and defective.

(1) Pregnancy and birth is about reproduction and reproductive categories, i.e. sexual reproduction. This is so obvious that it should not need to be said, but I am saying it because your new "gender inclusive" policy denies the material reality of sex, and puts barriers to understanding in the way of your patient population: expectant mothers and fathers. They will not understand "linguistic gyrations" which ignore biological - sexual - reality. The new words are NOT inclusive, they are EXCLUSIVE of your target population. Please reverse this wrong-headed policy which will lead to misunderstandings, possibly very serious ones, and errors.

Keep it simple and keep it sexual for maternity!

(2) Your new policy does not comply with the Equality Act 2010 which requires a full Equality Impact Assessment for all nine of the protected characteristics, not merely one ("gender reassignment").

There are at least 4 protected characteristics which are impacted by "gender reassignment" in a hospital setting: sex (male/female), age, disability, faith/religion. I mention this because the impact on clinicians, pregnant women, visitors (including expectant or new fathers and grandparents), and many others, with these 4 protected characteristics in various settings needs to be assessed and a balance of risks must be determined. In some situations it is legal to exclude those with "gender reassignment" if, by doing so, it is a proportionate act in pursuit of a legitimate aim, viz the protection of another "protected characteristic", members of the female sex. I agree that this is a complex task. Perhaps you need to consult the document recently produced by Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG for a special meeting of the BNSSG CCG in December 2020: https://bnssgccg-media.ams3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/attachments/govbody_1Dec20_item6.1.pdf Please read carefully the letter at the end of the pack, from a group of psychiatrists and GPs, headed by Dr Lucy Griffin. These matters are important to clinicians and patients - especially vulnerable, pregnant women and new mothers - and must be properly considered.

I look forward to hearing from you soon with a properly revised policy, which takes into consideration the needs and rights of those with the protected characteristics of sex, age, disability and faith/religion, not just "gender reassignment".

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Una-Jane Winfield

(Mother of 2 adult children, research organic chemist, science publisher, gender-critical feminist, transwidow - www.transwidows.com)

PS: Perhaps you are unaware that the "trans" campaigning group "Stonewall" wants to replace "sex", the reproductive category which is your bread and butter, with "gender" or "gender identity", words which seem to have to do with sex stereotypes and are perhaps figments of a person's imagination. Stonewall promotes a "gender identity umbrella" which includes cross-dressers (https://www.stonewall.org.uk/help-advice/faqs-and-glossary/glossary-terms#t). These confusions should play no part in physical medicine, and especially not in maternity and gynaecology services. Thank you.

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Those 2 paragraphs from the 3 CCGs (2 xNottingham and Rushcliffe) are absolutely WRONG. The person who wrote this garbage for CCGs should be sacked!

(1) Embryology

Testosterone is produced by the foetus, not the mother. In a foetus with normal XY chromosomes (i.e. male) the Sry gene on the Y chromosome works normally to produce a burst of testosterone at the appropriate time to induce development of male genitalia. There is no Sry gene on X chromosomes, so a foetus with XX chromosomes develops to the "default" sex which is female.

(2) There are differences in the hypothalamus, but it is down (again!) to SEX not "gender".

"The hypothalamus is one area of the brain with well-documented differences between men and women. Two areas of the hypothalamus, the preoptic area and the suprachiasmatic nucleus, have clear differences in female and male brains...... Preoptic Area of the Hypothalamus: This area of the hypothalamus is involved in mating behavior. In males of several species including humans, the preoptic area is greater in volume....Suprachiasmatic Nucleus of the Hypothalamus: This area of the hypothalamus is involved with circadian rhythms and reproduction cycles. The only difference between women and men in this area is one of shape..." (From: Neuroscience for kids - https://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/heshe.html) No mention of a "developing gender" or "sex in the brain".

Who gave the author this rubbish? Mermaids? The CCGs give out funds to Hospitals. I hope they do it better than the way they study embryology.

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I am writing to the Nottingham CCGs and the Rushcliffe CCG (1) pointing out that their embryology and brain anatomy is wrong, and (2) linking the BNSSG document which correctly identifies clashes with numerous other protected characteristics (applying to clinicians, patients, visitors, etc) which the Nottingham document fails to address. Can I copy in a feminist group in Nottingham?? E-mail address, please?

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Now done!

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When was anyone consulted on this change, especially Women and Mothers?. Things in a society change by consent, not Diktat

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In Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire some hospital consultants, including Lucy Griffin, Psychiatrist, joined feminist NHS campaigners (women!) in complaining to the local Clinical Commissioning Group about the CCG's "Equalities Impact Assessment" for "Supporting Trans People" - 1st Dec 2020. I wrote an e-mail in support of the revised EIA which correctly raised clashes with/trampling over 4 other protected characteristics: sex, age, disability and faith/religion. The intervention of the doctors was the decisive factor, I think, especially as there were equal male and female doctors. They wrote a stiffly worded 4-page letter in support - at end of this paper: https://bnssgccg-media.ams3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/attachments/govbody_1Dec20_item6.1.pdf called "RE-Formal Complaint regarding SARI Toolkit". It might be worth remembering these brave doctors -lots of psychiatrists! - Dr Griffin, also Richard Byng, GP and Professor in Primary Care Research, University of Plymouth, Damian Clifford, Consultant Psychiatrist, Cornwall, Katie Clyde, Consultant Psychiatrist, Hampshire, [anonymous] Consultant Psychiatrist, Hampshire, Tessa Katz, GP, London, Julie Maxwell, Associate Specialist Community Paediatrician, Hampshire, David Pilgrim, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Southampton, Ellen Wright, GP, London Pamela Yerassimou, Consultant Psychiatrist, Cardiff. It is rare for doctors to put their heads above the parapet.

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Whoever wrote the policy for the Nottingham Trusts had better not be a practicing medical professional, or they should be sacked and banned from practicing for life. I’m at the point when I am worried that going to a hospital in this country is dangerous, particularly if I’m unconscious. Something you don’t mention is that hundreds of sexual assaults have been happening annually in UK hospitals for years, the most high profile offender being Savile, but there have others. It’s one reason why previous governments had single-sex ward policies. The NHS has learnt nothing.

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Not sure where to put this. Went online to record by organ donor status (opt out system in Scotland soon) and was asked to state gender - male/female/other/prefer not to say/transgender


Organ donor, I would have thought sex was important. Or am I wrong?

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as i read this while tandem breastfeeding my sons i really felt a pit of the stomach despair. it's already easy enough to feel utterly used and at the same time utterly worthless as a new mother and this just compounds it.

on top of that, i can't find a way to get back into the slack channel. did something change? i've been away from it for awhile and can't get back.

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This is really depressing. The utter craven idiocy of it.

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