Thank you for reading my work, I have produced a follow-up post.


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Omg, I just had to stop reading about halfway through! Yuck, this is someone the WHO wants in a position like that? What is wrong with them? I hope you sent them a copy of this, or tagged them, or whatever.

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I have just sent this to WHO with no expectation that it will be read or acted on:-

Dear WHO,

I approach this topic as a concerned human female who believes that the rabbit hole of transgender is burning up health provision which is meant for the average jo (or joan).

There are so many better, kinder and fair ways in which the WHO money could be used.

For example:

Better support of autistic and neuro divergent children and adults

Better provision of health care to women and research into women’s health.

Protection of children from porn, child abuse and sexual deviants.

Open your eyes to the fact that misogyny is ruining peoples lives, not just women and children but men as well.

People are walking on eggshells and are feeling under threat because a band of sexually deviant men have got themselves into positions of power in that they have the floor on trans sexual debate and are openly denigrating and hurting women and children.

We can see their actions as the actions of men, and then everything falls neatly into place and starts to make perfect sense. (Copied with thanks)

Please turn away from helping these people and their cheer leaders undermine women and children even more.

How about “Development of a guideline on the mental and physical health of women and children”

provision of excellent care, including mental health care

health workers’ education and training

provision of health care for support after violence to women and children

health policies that support women and children’s health

legal recognition that women and children need equal rights to healthcare

Yours sincerely

Valerie Robertson

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I've only really skim-read so far as I'll need a few more coffees before I can get to grips with it.

However, I am almost impressed (despite knowing I really shouldn't be) by the ease with which he turns the cotton ceiling idea through 180 degrees, so that it refers to lesbians 'obsessing' about what's in a trans identified man's pants.

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It's mind-boggling isn't it? The gall of how he justifies himself is quite something and he does this as a 'jurist' which is truly chilling. The sheer unalloyed arrogance. These sick and clever men are the establishment they rail against and claim victimisation from. Same old weak men claiming any advantage over others. And their exaggerated claims are reliably sprinkled with DARVO - they always reverse the victim and the offender. It's their big wheeze to distract enough people from realising who is causing the damage to whom so that confusion delays prevention. It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated they are to their own needs and how they will twist everything. By letting them push at boundaries and wear society down it has only encouraged them to break more and more boundaries. Their level of narcissism really knows no end. Those who believe they can be reasoned with get flattened. There is no being 'nice' faced with this onslaught of male greed.

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This is how personality disordered people behave

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Dec 28, 2023·edited Dec 28, 2023

Thank you for this piece, very interesting but no surprises, obviously. Just another obnoxious, misogynistic sexually degenerate man. Determined to shut women down, lesbians who aren't interested in him sexually are transphobes and terfs, etc. The same lesbians who are, according to him, happy to include lesbians interested in 'women' like him. How dare they? Women establishing their own boundaries. Get out of the way you audacious terfs, there's a man here being denied something he wants, for God's sake! Besides, there's no room for anyone else, not for a guy fascinated with himself. What a prick.

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This fake woman has the gall to "thank Jesus and our Lord" when everything he says and does goes against pretty well every piece of teaching in the Bible. Insulting, as it's meant to be, I'm sure, from the deluded egotist that he is. He thinks he's above everyone, including God. Poor sad soul, it turns the stomach to see such depravity.

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This blatant sex offending BLOKE has extremely rapey views and the WHO is going to this cunt?!! (Sorry, an insult to our genitalia). Unfuckingbelievable!!!

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Don't apologise, it doesn't refer only to genitals, cunt is a very well established expletive, and an excellent one, hard, uncompromising and to the point. Perfect in this instance.

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Thanks sis! Much obliged to ya xxxx

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Does anyone else think we will be seeing his name in a report in a few months for grooming, abuse or paedophilia?

I'd be willing to put money on it.

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Yabut (spins jargon wheel) your kink-shaming is colonialist.

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I couldn't get past the opening line of that Harvard review:

"The past year has witnessed an unprecedented, coordinated campaign by state governments to deny gender-transition care to transgender youth."

And right away I am drowning in shit. It's not so much the sheer psy-op fuckery of this gender ideology that gets me but contemplation of the gargantuan amounts of dosh and resources that get poured down this insatiable black hole of an utterly manufactured non-issue. Meanwhile help for genuine medical emergencies are being sidelined.

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Jennifer Bilek (a real Jennifer not like "Jennifer" L Levi) hits the nail on the head:


"Children are being groomed to think of themselves as commodities for the technological reproduction market, not as wholly sexed beings. They are being taught they are a set of interchangeable parts: penises, breasts, vaginas, chromosomes, genes, sperm, eggs, and wombs.

This is the gender industry and it has nothing to do with freedom of expression or human rights.

We either end it or we don’t. It’s not something you negotiate with, especially when the side you’re arguing against has all the money and power. Your strongest defense is the tool you have left: the truth."

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This sort of article is so helpful when people spout the support of organisations like WHO.

So thanks Garry, its all smoke and mirrors with these arseholes isnt it. Deception and mis information at every opportunity. And they are weaponising children’s health. Its so depressing i can barely cope with it. What i don’t get is that surely if we all just roll over and say…. ok, feelings are more important than biology etc, future generations will be so indoctrinated into believing that biological sex is irrelevant the fight for sexual equality will literally not exist. so upsetting

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Thé self delusion is immense though, isn’t it? I can’t imagine any female lesbian fancying these large, usually big-jawed, big brow ridge , big foot and hand persons, often with beards coming through, distressingly often with a obvious fondness for carbohydrate heavy dinners. It would seldom get as far as the ‘panty’ contents.

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I can't believe we now need to clarify female lesbian as men are running around claiming there is such a thing as a male lesbian. Like a hetero/homo/bi/a/nonsexual. Nothing means anything, something means what it can't, and this confusion and doubt is what they thrive on.

I also can't help but see the connection with how everything is now very flexibly 'categorised' in tech and by what or whom. It's just the first to get there and claim something. That has gone hand-in-hand with this anyone-can-view-anything-in-any-way-they-like, without reference to others, or previous categories. There is no need for expertise, which is sold as access for all but is baking in this guff as of equal importance and 'validity'. I once had to create and categorise terms to be searched online and the way it was approached, by those who were sloppy and had no understanding of how knowledge is built, constructed, debated, contested or organised and accessed was hugely stressful. Microsoft regularly orders me to annotate images with auto-generated or guessed at 'answers'. The replication of quasi guesses and errors that are now declared 'facts' and there are fewer reliable ways to test what we know. Or what we know is doubted and challenged as apparently 'disrupting' all meaning is to be encouraged. We all know what a lesbian is, and it's not and never going to be that bloke and his cadre of powerful backslappers.

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Thanks for this great piece, Garry. I wonder how many of the other appointees will be on a par with this degenerate creep? The other interesting question is: why are WHO doing this? Are WPATH actually about to collapse!? I had heard that WHO may take on some of the WPATH nutters? Where are the WPATH files that Michael Shellenberger promised? We need them ASAP!!


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I call them WOO WHO by the way 😎

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The WHO clearly didn't read the results of the Nov. 2023 Finnish study on post surgery/hormones individuals compared to age/origin matched controls. European Psychiatry, Nov. 8, 2023, 66(1):1-20 in which long term happiness does not appear to be better for the 3665 patients who were post surgerys/hormones compared to over 29k age/origin-matched controls. The patients had significantly higher serious inpatient psychiatric stays as compared to the controls in this liberal, accepting Scandinavian society. Finland has changed policies on "affirmation." I will note here that detransitioner, Veera Mirjam, of the Honesty Project channel, is a classic case of a Finnish detransitioner who was absolutely devastated after realizing her "transition" as a young adult left her damaged and distressed--she's now happily married to her wife, after deciding the trans thing is a cult. I'd love to see her comments on this recent study. Link to mine:


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Another HIDEOUS male we are expected to share this planet with. I couldn't read to the end - it was too much for me when he started saying there was "no evidence" for something or other. Like he's ever cared about evidence!! Makes me feel so flicking lethal to have this utter deadshit male lauded by public institutions like the WHO that we all fund. They are the worst - absolutely useless during Covid and now this anti-science dangerous BS.

So good to be on this forum with other men and women who can see it for what it is!

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I already belong to an anti WHO group on facebook - clearly they are heavily captured and the 'H' now stands for harm. Like the BBC they take money from taxpayers and then go to promote trans ideology which is why they both need to be defunded.

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What a narcissistic CREEP this man is showing himself to be and the WHO is obviously completely captured by the trans cult , showing a complete lack of judgement when they put people like him in positions of power !! It's disgraceful !!

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