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You know, I always found it weird in Monopoly that there is a 'get out of jail free' card. "That just doesn't exist in real life", I said to myself.

Now I find out how wrong I was.

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I feel sick. Sick with rage, sick with frustration, sick with disgust, sick with the appalling way women (and girls) are being treated, sick that it's even some women themselves doing this to us, going along with this vile, misogynistic insanity, sick that Labour would back this, sick at having seen Lisa Nandy saying male rapists who ID as women (Lordy, give me strength!) have every right to be in female prisons, every right to have their vile crimes reported and recorded as WOMEN having done them. Here she is, for those who may never have seen this video...and please note, this meeting was organized by Pink News, hence the support for Nandy, the clapping, the cheers... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcULPSew2kU

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What a fucking clown 🤡. Her comment that offenders should be allowed to have their crimes recorded as the gender they identify as "because they've gone through the process...". What process is this!?!? There IS no process, men with beards are identifying as women! It might even be a comedy if we weren't talking about rapists and paedophiles.

Have a look at my profile photo.


This is what it's come to, people.

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As my late brother-in-law...a Kiwi/Australian...used to say...this is too muckinfuch.... Nandy is an utter disgrace. This is yet another demonstration that she shouldn't be allowed anywhere near any positiin of influence.

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Thanks - hadn't seen this before. Also took me to her interview with Piers Morgan on GMB when she seemed remarkably less sure about transwomen playing in women's sport categories and suggested PM was asking unreasonable question and causing hurt. So glad she didn't get the leadership but she's still influential.

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What can be done? At this present time I feel so helpless. How do we get the message out to the wider public because we can’t rely on the BBC - I now begrudge every single fecking penny I pay in licence fees or any of the other captured clowns in the media.

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I want to start a database of these names. These are going to be repeat offenders. Once there is a database of these trans offenders it won't matter if the newspapers lie about their biological sex. I bet many of them have a ton of aliases though.

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Jesus wept, the LITERAL inmates are running the asylum.

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When the Press and Courts are finally told to stop using these descriptions then sanity is back in the room..this cannot be allowed to go on. I'm also sending to my GC female Tory MP.

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I’m sending this to MSP.

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In fact, I’m sending to Rhiannon Spear. I’m an SNP member, she’s the Equality Officer (!) - will report.

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she's one of the worst TWAW spouters...

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Well- I pay her wages, so…..

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Thanks for the comprehensive round-up. This unhappy memory came flooding back (warning - contains gender identity extremism) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yfXtkjMgAE

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How could we forget Jo "I will be the next PM!" Swinson

"A caller ask Jo Swinson ''what is a woman'' - and she can't answer the bloody question!

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That clip should be included in the picture dictionary for the term 'cognitive dissonance'. You can see the cogs whirring as she desperately tries not to catch herself out. It is why the movement so heavily relies on the hashtag no debate mantra. They KNOW it is indefensible.

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Pleased to hear you mention in the "Stonewall video" that you would be interviewing Legal Feminist next! These are some articles and references I have bookmarked that might be of interest to other subscribers:


Rejected petition


Where the victim was penetrated by a penis, to compel the speech of traumatised women and men, by forcing them to refer to their rapist as 'she' is abhorrent, damaging and only serves to further traumatise the victim.

The Equal Treatment Bench Book and CPS practices need amending.

More details

The UK is has a historically low rape-reporting rate. This is further compounded by a minuscule conviction rate. Yet, the new Equal Treatment Bench Book, launched in March 2020, codifies the requirement for alleged perpetrators to be referred to by their preferred pronouns in open court. This includes the victim's testimony, where the use of pronouns is unavoidable as they are talking about the actions of someone else.

This petition was rejected

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for.

The rules of conduct for the courts, including the Equal Treatment Bench Book, are a matter for the judiciary, not the Government or House of Commons.

We can only accept petitions about things the Government or House of Commons are directly responsible for.

If you would like to request this change you might like to contact the Judicial College, which publishes the Equal Treatment Bench Book: https://www.judiciary.uk/contacts/

We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards.

Date submitted

18 January 2021



The Equal Treatment Bench Book is created and published by The Judicial College.

This body is the equivalent of the College of Policing in relation to the Police.


"The Lord Chief Justice is responsible for arrangements for training the courts’ judiciary in England and Wales under the Constitutional Reform Act 2005. The Senior President of Tribunals has an equivalent responsibility in relation to judges and members of the tribunals within the scope of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. These responsibilities are exercised through the Judicial College."



"The Judicial Office supports the judiciary across the courts of England and Wales, and the non-devolved tribunals across the UK, by providing training, legal and policy advice, human resources, communications and administrative support.

The Judicial Office (JO) is an office of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), staffed by civil servants, supports the judiciary across the courts of England and Wales, and the non-devolved tribunals across the UK and reports to the Lord Chief Justice and Senior President of Tribunals.

The Judicial Office was set up following the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, under which the Lord Chief Justice became Head of the Judiciary.

It provides judicial training, legal and policy advice, human resources, communications (including media and press enquiries) and administrative support for the judiciary."



24 February 2021

"A comprehensive new 2021 edition of the Equal Treatment Bench Book (ETBB) has been released.

The Equal Treatment Bench Book aims to increase awareness and understanding of the different circumstances of people appearing in courts and tribunals. It helps enable effective communication and suggests steps which should increase participation by all parties.

This new revision of the ETBB cites recent evidence regarding the experiences of different communities living in Britain today. It is full of practical guidance aimed at helping make the court experience more accessible for parties and witnesses who might be uncertain, fearful or feel unable to participate.

There are practical tips on communicating with those speaking English as a second language or through interpreters, communicating with people with mental disabilities, a guide to different naming systems, and latest views on acceptable terminology.

There is new and expanded content on:

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on different groups and how to conduct remote hearings (on audio or video platforms) fairly

Welsh/English bilingualism and the right to speak Welsh in courts and tribunals in Wales

Reducing jargon and legalese

Assisting a litigant who has difficulty reading or writing

Extended guidance in relation to litigants-in-person (ie people representing themselves)

New entries in the disability glossary

Confidence in the courts of minority ethnic communities

Sensitivity if a witness is experiencing menopausal symptoms"



February 2021 edition



"This Guide to Judicial Conduct has been fully revised. It is intended to offer assistance to judges, coroners and magistrates about their conduct.

It is based on the principle that responsibility for deciding whether or not a particular activity or course of conduct is appropriate rests with each individual judge.

This Guide is therefore not a code, nor does it contain rules other than where stated. Instead, it contains a set of core principles which will help judges reach their own decisions."




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12th February 2020

"This important article by Maureen O’Hara in the Coventry Law Journal clarifies and critiques how gaslighting and compelled speech have via policy capture wriggled into the vague and ill-thought through guidance given to judges in UK courts."

Detailed article with references:




24 February 2020

"Guidance for judges on transgender issues has come under fire from solicitors in the wake of controversial court rulings. Feminist lawyers say the guidance, in the Equal Treatment Bench Book, fails to highlight conflicts between transgender and women’s rights.

The Bench Book advises that transgender defendants should be addressed by the pronouns of their choice and that ‘self-definition is the most important criteria’ (sic). At least one victim of violence by a transgender woman has been reprimanded in court for using male pronouns while describing the attack. Finding the defendant guilty, the judge refused the victim compensation, saying that when asked to refer to the defendant as ‘she’, the victim had done so with ‘bad grace’ or continued to use ‘he’.

Solicitor Harriet Wistrich, head of the Centre for Women’s Justice, has raised concerns about pronoun use in cases involving violence against women. ‘Here there is a conflict between the right of self-definition and the right of a victim, who may have been violated in the most horrendous way, to describe her material reality as she perceives it,’ she said. ‘Why is the victim’s right less important?’ "

"The Judicial College declined to identify the external experts and organisations that assist in training and formulation of policy. ‘It is not necessary or in the public interest to make public the names of all those involved in this work,’ it said."

Continues at:




May 11, 2020

"Female victims in court proceedings are now bound to refer to males who physically and sexually attack them as "she" if that is their preferred pronoun."



Maya Forstater @MForstater

03 Nov 2020

From previous reporting on the case: male offender in male prison w a female name.

Halfway through the day judge tells prosecutor must call the sex offender "she".

The case was *about* breaching a sexual harms prevention order by using fake names to evade detection and confuse victims

The sex offender has since changed his name back to Brandon but is said to be awaiting an appointment with the gender identity clinic.

The defendant, on trial for using false names entered pleas under different names ....

Although now going by Brandon the defense now calls Walker "she".

The court (under the instruction of the Equal Treatment Bench Book) is enabling the very behaviour the defendant uses to persue victims for sexual harms.

Valiant reporting by @Katie_Cronin

Local press remains important!



Maya's thread refers to this case:

Women's Voices @WomenReadWomen

3 Nov 2020

A transgender sex offender who commits crime in both male and female guises has been jailed again, having 22 previous convictions for 44 offences including sexual assault of children.

It was argued 'the trauma' of being trans was to blame.



Chloe Walker, 30, who also uses the name Brandon Walker, has racked up 49 offences including a string of sexual crimes against boys and girls.

There were two guilty pleas under the name of Chloe for failing to comply with the sex offenders' register.


This is an actual case of a pedophile using gender self-ID to avoid registering as a sex offender and to confuse victims, and the court gave only a 10-month sentence and expressed sympathy. Appalling.



Kathleen Stock @Docstockk

28 April 2021

The current Equal Treatment Bench Book, distributed by the Judicial College, cites Stonewall approvingly 19 times.

"How can it be wrong?" = "We have outsourced our brains/ consciences to an activist group"




This is about defending the right to say that biological sex is real.

29 April 2021


"One of the key documents relied on by Russell in defence of the CGDE was The Equal Treatment Bench Book, the guidance to which judges refer in court on matters of equality. The section on transgender identities refers to the transgender lobby groups Press for Change and the Gender Identity Research and Education Society. This is the book that has led to judges referring to male rapists and child abusers as ‘she’; it is the guidance which forces victims to refer to their attackers by their preferred pronouns. During the case, Russell asked, presumably rhetorically, ‘How can The Equal Treatment Bench Book be wrong?’"




12 May 2021

"Kate Coleman is Director Keep Prisons Single Sex.

In February 2021, the Judicial College published a revised edition of the Equal Treatment Bench Book. It’s been significantly updated, at almost double the length of the previous edition.

The Bench Book aims to advance fundamental principles of fair treatment and equality. It suggests steps for judges to redress inequality arising from difference or disadvantage, to ensure fairness for all those engaged in legal proceedings.

While not intended as an expression of the law, it states “judges [and other court officiants] are encouraged to take its guidance into account wherever applicable. [The Bench Book] is increasingly cited in judgements and by practitioners as to the approach to be adopted”.

Chapter 12 is entitled “Trans People”. Gender reassignment is a protected characteristic in the Equality Act, and the law is clear that no individual should be discriminated against based on gender reassignment. The inclusion of this chapter is therefore appropriate.

However, in common with much current policy and guidance across public and private sectors, this chapter is steeped in the ideology of gender identity, which is unquestioningly presented as uncontested fact. This “institutional capture” has been comprehensively discussed elsewhere.

The Bench Book goes far beyond appropriate and reasonable steps to ensure that transgender individuals engaged in legal proceedings don’t suffer disadvantage and are treated with respect and assisted in participating fully. Instead, the law is misrepresented, with judges urged to act according to these misrepresentations.

The first inaccuracy occurs early in Chapter 12, and informs much of what follows: “The Gender Recognition Act (2014) (‘GRA’) enables transgender people to change their legal gender by applying to the Gender Recognition Panel for a Gender Recognition Certificate (‘GRC’). […] A person who has been issued with a full GRC is entitled to be recognised in the gender stated on their certificate for all purposes…”

Continues at:


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4.10 The right to have transsexual status taken into account when being sentenced, so that a non-custodial sentence is given whenever permissible, because of the additional difficulties faced by transsexual people in prisons.

4.11 The right (when applicable) to be sent to a prison appropriate to the individual's proper gender, whether pre- or post-treatment, if he or she has been previously living in this gender.

- - - - -

7.02 The following initiatives are currently being co-ordinated by the committee:

A Parliamentary Forum of M.P.s from all political parties, committed to supporting a change to the law through Parliament.

The establishment of a group of legal professionals committed to challenging discriminatory legislation through the British and/or European Courts.

The establishment of a group of medical professionals familiar with current best practice in the treatment of transsexualism, who are willing to endorse the view that transsexual people are neither insane nor perverted, but are people with an inherent intersex condition, who are generally able, if appropriately treated, of leading full and constructive lives within society.

The establishment of a group of Bishops and other religious leaders willing to support the rights of transsexual people.

The establishment of a group of supportive Members of the European Parliament.

Affiliation to the National Council of Civil Liberties.

Liaison with the Trade Unions, asking that they affiliate to Press for Change and include "gender identity" in their equal opportunities policies.

Liaison with the committee of Pride (in 1996 "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Pride" to ensure transgender people are properly represented and included in this important event.

A petition to be signed by the public and presented to the government.

Regular articles and television appearances attempting to put forward a positive image of transsexual people and highlight the injustices we suffer.

The co-ordination and dissemination of up-to-date information about transsexualism and about related civil rights and legal issues, to transgender people themselves, to the public and to relevant professionals, including the publication of books and training materials as appropriate.

The provision of leaflets, posters and a campaigning pack, free of charge to any person or organization prepared to campaign in any way on behalf of transsexual people.

The publication of regular updates on the campaign, distributed to all transsexual organizations, and to any individual or group who is actively involved, on request.

Fund-raising as necessary. Please note that all money donated goes directly to the campaign - there are no paid staff. See separate Financial Policy and Procedure.

AKW/PFC 10/06/94



Is it any wonder that all the institutions have been captured when all of that lobbying was already being coordinated as long ago as 1994?

Over 25 years of "education" and influence. Stonewall is just the tip of the iceberg and capitalised on the foundations laid by Press for Change, Gires, Gendered Intelligence, etc.

Stonewall's role was to provide the LGB "Trojan Horse" for the final push.

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