Male criminals get a new card to play

Sex offenders are suddenly discovering their 'true gender' and receiving lighter sentences

A man in New Zealand who was jailed for 11 years in the 1990s for raping a 12 year old girl has now been found guilty of possessing child abuse material.

In court he said his desire to live as a woman in a lesbian relationship was the driver for much of his offending.

Cases of male criminals stating that they identify as a woman, seemingly in order to secure lighter sentences, which are granted disturbingly frequently, has become a trend in recent years. Here are just a few examples.

Last year a judge in the UK jailed a man who used a hammer to threaten a shop worker to six months in jail.

But one hour later he changed his mind and said, because the man identified as a woman, he should be immediately released. This would enable society to fulfil its promise of ‘embracing diversity’, which now presumably includes that misunderstood minority who threaten people with hammers.

Last year in Australia a 61-year-old transwoman, ‘Susan Willan’, gave a 14 year old runaway drugs, and took her to his home. The girl then collapsed and was taken into intensive care.

Willan's lawyer argued that ‘Susan’ should avoid jail because his ‘gender identity’ makes him vulnerable.

‘Susan’ was jailed and then immediately freed on appeal, and given a community correction order instead.

The same week in Australia, another trans-identified male, Olivia Sindel, who had been charged with a string of disturbing offences, including torturing and killing his ex-partner's dog, told a court he’s suffering from 'significant issues' as a result of his gender reassignment.

The judge jailed ‘Olivia’ - but gave him a lighter sentence due to his ‘ongoing body dysphoria’.

Again in Australia, police executed a search warrant of a TiM’s house and discovered 15 images of children as young as five being raped by adults on his phone.

In court he said he wasn’t a paedophile, he just had low self-esteem due to issues surrounding his ‘sexual identity’.

The judge agreed and wiped the conviction. Even the local press expressed sympathy with the offender and refused to name him.

In Canada, a 29 year old man who identifies as a woman was jailed for raping a woman at knifepoint.

‘Lucy’ Blackplume ‘is a dangerous offender who can’t control her sexual impulses’ with a history of violently sexually assaulting victims. In this, he meets the criteria for a ‘dangerous offender designation’, which means he should be locked up indefinitely.

However, Judge Anne Brown said a life sentence would be unfair because Blackplume is in a male prison, so sentenced him to ten years in order not to be ‘cruel’.

In New Zealand, Rose Beaumont was armed with two large knives and an ice axe when he entered a tattoo parlour, yelling "I'm going to kill you" as he approached a victim and swung the axe towards his head, causing significant injuries.

However, he was only jailed for four years, 10 months, with the judge saying: "I consider that given the issues you have been facing, including your gender dysphoria, there is a risk that imprisonment will be more difficult for you than for other people and a lengthy prison sentence will impair your ability to be rehabilitated.”

In the USA, convicted child rapist Joseph Matthew Smith, now Josie Smith, was released from prison last year after identifying as a woman. The Iowa State Attorney General claimed Smith no longer has a “male sex drive” after undergoing hormone replacement therapy and is now at a ‘low risk of reoffending’.

Smith was jailed in 2014 for raping 15 children whose ages ranged from 1 to 15.

Here’s USA Today running a ‘fact check’ on Smith with the headline ‘Iowan convicted of sex crimes wasn’t released from prison due to gender change’. It reaches this conlusion despite quoting a former clinical director of Iowa's civil commitment unit who said that prisoners like Smith are more likely to be freed because they are deemed to be a reduced risk of reoffending if they are taking estrogen as "an offender's hormone levels are an important part of substantiating an offender's likelihood of recidivism."

And staying in the USA, a Twitter engineer who has used several different names was sentenced to jail for three counts of rape, one count of false imprisonment and one count of domestic violence. He served a grand total of four days.