Stonewall join legal action against LGB Alliance oh wait no they've changed their mind.

“Never put down to malice what can be attributed to stupidity.”

Two big stories on The Mess We’re In today—Stonewall joining the Good Law Project’s legal action against The LGB Alliance and Stonewall leaving the Good Law Project’s legal action against The LGB Alliance. This was after the press had already reported them as being plaintiffs. Hanlon’s razor is coming in very handy these days.

For the first time ever, I feel people are beginning to see what’s been going on. Because of that, I’d ask people to share some of the following links with journalists and fence-sitters who are trying to catch up.

Aimee Challenor’s influence on Stonewall and Reddit.

Stonewall’s advice leading to media and judiciary protecting and enabling predatory men.

Susie Green of Mermaids freely admitting to a Ted talk audience that homophobia was behind her decision to trans her child.

My speech to the House of Lords in which I described how Stonewall was misleading the country.

Stonewall trying to undermine the law against sex by deception.

Stonewall’s lawyer publicly contacting Allison Bailey during her ongoing case.

Morgan Page, The Stonewall ‘Leader’ who ran a workshop called ‘Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling’.

Stonewall Diversity Champion BBC grooming the country.

A gay man stands up to Stonewall.