Stonewall UK's rape culture

If you want more proof the organisation has lost its way, look at how lightly it views consent

They really must be a cretinous bunch at Stonewall. At a time when you would expect them to be taking a long, hard look at themselves, they’ve rebranded without moving an inch on the issues which are of concern to women and gay people. They’ve had from March to think about the EHRC jumping ship, and yet with all this extra scrutiny, they still have in their literature a promise to call for a judicial review of sex by deception.

Sex by deception: Stonewall will support calls for a judicial review to clarify prosecution policy and guidance, and amend it where necessary with due regard to the trans person’s right to privacy.”

Have a look at one lesbian’s experience of this exact situation. See what concerns you more, what happened to the woman or the “right to privacy” of the man who raped her.

I apologise if it’s a bit hard to read. I would have copied and pasted it in directly, but Reddit has removed it! Possibly because ex-Stonewall employee Aimee Challenor and his paedophile partners are moderators there. (I know. It’s like a James Ellroy novel).

So what Stonewall (and Reddit) want to do is make it even more difficult for women to see justice when they’ve been raped. They want to make it even more difficult for lesbians like the woman above to be able to protect themselves (or tell their stories).

The most heartbreaking thing of all about the above passage, for me, is that the woman uses female pronouns throughout her account. Female pronouns for her male rapist. Deranging sentences like “she made me jerk her off and put her dick in my mouth” are the result of this ‘kindness’ that people have been groomed to bestow upon men, and withhold from women.

(And yes, when I say ‘people’, I’m talking about you, Helen Lewis, Jesse Singal and, most shamefully, Katie Herzog.)

Stonewall UK have forever tainted that name by association with this terrorism committed against lesbians, a terrorism that is both physical and mental in nature. When you look at a clearly anorexic Ellen Page displaying her awful disconnection with her body as if it’s an Oscar, you know that the damage wrought by this ideology will take years to undo.

Stonewall UK should either change course, or stop associating itself with that key event in gay history. As long as they continue to erode safeguarding, and betray the very people they were founded to protect, they should leave the name Stonewall alone.