Stand up for Kellie-Jay

This is absolutely extraordinary.

Kellie-Jay Keen has been contacted by Zoom—that’s ZOOM— and told that she’s promoting hate.

So if her kids want to keep getting an education during lockdown, she has to watch her lip, or this company in San Jose will watch it for her.

I realise there are those who have their problems with Kellie-Jay, and someone who speaks off the cuff as she does will sometimes frame things in a way not everyone will like. But I also know how people on our side, especially people as effective as her, are not allowed to put a foot wrong without all the furies being unleashed. She deserves a lot better than she sometimes gets.

What no-one can deny is her bravery, her tenacity and her strategic genius in what is the most important feminist battle since women were throwing themselves in front of racehorses. She is a major reason the resistance movement in the UK is admired by feminists all over the world. It would be a travesty if her voice is silenced.

I’m sure there are areas where we might disagree, but on the matter of women’s rights and children’s safety, I stand with Kellie-Jay. Her voice is mine too.