Pride Month is becoming a festival of violent misogyny

Misogynists have infiltrated and perverted a noble movement

Saturday, June 26 saw the third London Trans Pride march for ‘BIPOC trans people, trans women, trans sex workers and trans kids’ (sorry transmen, they forgot you again!), and here’s some of the #bekind signage from it.

There is speculation on social media that these calls for murder were made by 51-year-old Sarah Jane Baker, as someone who looks like Baker is holding one of the signs, they’re in Baker’s style and they even use Baker’s slogans.

Baker, who wants to become Britain’s first transgender MP, was once jailed for armed robbery, and kidnapping and torturing a family member. While in jail, he tried to murder a fellow prisoner and began identifying as a woman. He ended up serving 30 years until his recent release.

Baker has since written a book which is essentially a guide for gaining privileges as a man in jail, by saying you’re a woman.

As with Aimee Challenor and Morgan Page, Baker is no outlier. Here he is with Monroe Bergdorf.

Also: Baker was an actual speaker at the march, giving an inspiring message to young women that even if they lose the ability to orgasm by taking testosterone, it doesn’t matter because “you spend hours on foreplay and that shit is good too”. Nice piece of advice there from a middle-aged ex-convict to young women.

As Rachel Rooney put it on Twitter: “I've been going to Pride on & off since the mid 80's & I don't recall any of the top speakers there having a history of kidnap, torture & attempted murder… Maybe I just didn't look hard enough.”

You might be asking yourself: if a person has a history of extreme violence, and he’s possibly issuing death threats against a woman amid calls for criminal activity, is that not a police matter? Why haven’t they intervened? Is it because they’re too busy arresting women for posting pictures of Suffragette ribbons?

Perhaps the answer can be found in this video by a Metropolitan Police officer at London Trans Pride who made a statement to attendees saying: "If you need anything, give us a call on 101 or 999", which the Met LGBT+ Network thought was an appropriate message to publish.

On the same day, at Paris Pride, men who identify as women physically attacked lesbians because they were defending their sex-based rights.

And in Spain, Feminist @LauraStrego was violently attacked by a trans activist while participating in a peaceful demonstration on women's rights.

So confident are these violent misogynistic men about their sacred status, one even went on Spanish television with a T-shirt saying ‘KILL THE TERF’.

This brings us back to where we began, with JK Rowling, who you may remember wrote the following words in her moving essay, which is so dangerous that trans rights activists spent a lot of man-hours telling people not to read it.

“We’re living through the most misogynistic period I’ve experienced. Back in the 80s, I imagined that my future daughters, should I have any, would have it far better than I ever did, but between the backlash against feminism and a porn-saturated online culture, I believe things have got significantly worse for girls. Never have I seen women denigrated and dehumanised to the extent they are now. From the leader of the free world’s long history of sexual assault accusations and his proud boast of ‘grabbing them by the pussy’, to the incel (‘involuntarily celibate’) movement that rages against women who won’t give them sex, to the trans activists who declare that TERFs need punching and re-educating, men across the political spectrum seem to agree: women are asking for trouble. Everywhere, women are being told to shut up and sit down, or else.”