The Central Outliers

As I promised, I won’t email you the piece about Aimee Challenor as it’s not the kind of thing you want over your cornflakes. It is here, behind this link. and you should be warned that it contains some unpleasant images and discussions of sexual abuse, pornography and fetishism. Thanks to @Rip4Nutmeg for her detective work, and JL for her piece.

While I have much sympathy for ‘Aimee’ Challenor as a clear victim of grooming from a very young age, I also see him as one of the best examples of what I call ‘central outliers’, those individuals within trans rights activism we are told are figments of our imagination, or so rare as to be almost irrelevant, and yet can be found again and again, often in positions where they hold far too much influence. Challenor’s story is disturbing, strange and sad, but then so were the stories of Eric Joyce, Jess Bradley, The NSPCC, and Morgan Page

Eric Joyce mocked safeguarding concerns even as he embodied the need for safeguarding. The NUS promised an investigation into Jess Bradley and then just sort of, uhm, forgot about it. The NSPCC blocked anyone who complained about their handling of the James Makings/Monroe Bergdorf scandal. The man behind ‘Overcoming The Cotton Ceiling’ is a Stonewall ‘leader’.

From the Jess Bradley piece: “This is all so, so corrupt. All of these NUS Officers are being paid indirectly by the taxpayer to cover up what are essentially crimes, and no-one will touch it with a barge pole because of the raging public debate over trans rights and no-one wants to be seen attacking trans people. But at its heart, this has nothing to do with trans people and is a straight-forward case of lewd sexual misconduct being covered up by publicly funded bureaucrats with massive conflicts of interest.”

The sympathy we feel for Ashton Challenor, the boy who disappeared around the same time he met the much older men in JL’s piece, must not stand in the way of our responsibility to children. I believe neither ‘Aimee’, nor those men, should be anywhere near children, and we should place some urgency on an investigation into which safeguarding policies Challenor or his father influenced in his time at Stonewall, The Green Party and The Liberal Democrats.

Don’t miss this important story. Here is the link again.