Ireland goes back to "the love that dare not speak its name"

Once again, Ireland is unsafe for gay people

Ireland, 2021, and it is once again dangerous for gay people to organise in their own name.

And once again, religious males are to blame. Males like Rory O’NeillColm O’GormanAoife Martin… all so horribly invested in the absurd, incoherent doctrines of gender ideology that the only way they can protect themselves is by trying to limit their opponents’ freedom of speech.

If you told me when we shot our video with Amnesty to help Repeal The Eighth that Colm would one day betray women and gay people so conclusively, I would never have believed you. If he had any grace at all, he would apologise immediately to The LGB Alliance Ireland, especially after Maya’s historic win.

Anyway, please follow and support The LGB Alliance Ireland, and let them know you’re happy to be followed by them. I certainly am. The two things I’m proudest of in this life are Father Ted, and standing up for gay rights when it was so unfashionable, even some gay people weren’t doing it.