But When Is International WOMEN'S Day?

It’s International Women’s Day. 8th March 2021. The day that’s all about women.


The trans community have International Transgender Day of Visibility (31st March), Trans Awareness Week (13th-19th November), Transgender Day of Remembrance (20th November), they’re included in LGBT History Month (February) and LGBT Pride Month (June) and, of course, they get Non-binary Awareness Week (11th - 19th July) and International Non-Binary People's Day (14th July).

So you’d think that women might be permitted just one day that is all about them, 24 hours in which to celebrate and empower those born adult human females?


Women aren’t allowed one tiny thing to themselves. Males have to be included in absolutely bloody everything. Even the one damn day of the year that is supposed to be specifically for women.

Just a few highlights from the myriad of examples…

1) UN Women, the one group who ought to be celebrating actual human females features a trans activist alongside the #IWD2021 hashtag.

2) The Women’s Podcast
is hosting trans-identified male, Aoife Martin, the company secretary of trans lobby group, TENI.

(But then Aoife loves getting in on the IWD action)

3) Boots the Chemist are celebrating ‘fierce females’ in their Health & Beauty magazine.

Except one of the five ‘empowering women’ featured is a trans-identified male.

4) Brighton’s TV Channel
is hosting a festival that’s all about… everybody.

5) Des Moines Public Library aren’t even bothering with female authors; they’re just showcasing books written by trans identified males.

6) National Museums Liverpool are hosting a male trans activist.

7) In Uganda, where FGM and child marriage remain common problems, where girls miss school because menstruation is deemed ‘unclean’…

…OF COURSE trans-identified males are demanding a “Right to decision-making in all areas of life” that affect adult human females.

8) The MAC Belfast
cultural centre are in conversation with Munroe Bergdorf.

9) Feminist Frequency
are pretending there's a correlation between black women and males who want to be women.

10) Abortion Rights IE say “Terf right off” to women who don’t think males need to be involved in female reproductive rights.

Even pies get a whole week to themselves.

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