Colm O'Gorman, resign

Amnesty is not fit for purpose under its current leadership

I posted about this last night but I didn’t give any context. Iseult White is the granddaughter of Sean MacBride, founder of Amnesty, and she is not happy about that organisation calling for the removal of political representation of women.

Amnesty Ireland’s Colm O’Gorman has been on the back foot since he ‘proudly’ signed the letter and it’s telling that the only support he’s getting is from David paisley, who mocks and harasses women and then tries to cover up the evidence. (Here’s the podcast version of the video he successfully got YouTube to remove).

Others (women, mainly) haven’t been so supportive.

But by far the most satisfying response was from White, whose raw despair over the letter elicited some of Colm’s now-familiar careless, dismissive misogyny.

“Did you read it” indeed. For me, the exchange was reminiscent of another howl of outrage, when Senator Joe McCarthy was asked “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” and quickened the end of McCarthyism. O’Gorman is no Joe McCarthy, but my God, isn’t that faint praise for the head of Amnesty Ireland?

Amnesty Ireland’s HQ is named Sean MacBride house, but White knows that as long as they support the silencing of women, its current occupants are trespassing.

(NOTE: On this week’s ‘Mess We’re In’, we’ll be talking to two of the women O’Gorman is trying to silence, Ceri and Lauren from LGB Alliance Ireland. See you on Wednesday at 4pm!)