I updated my profile on 'Her'

As a lesbian and queer person (which now means straight), I am appalled at this attempt to invalidate my identity.

To be serious for a second. I’m not JUST doing this for the laugh. I’m doing this to demonstrate that it’s impossible to tell the difference between men and self-identifying ‘transwomen’. I’m doing it to expose an ideology that is homophobic, misogynistic and puts women and girls in danger.

There is NO difference between me and the other men on this site. If I’m mistaken, I’m happy to educated as to why.

Maths lesson

It’s called 50:50 Parliament, and as a commenter points out, the panel is actually 40/60 male/female. Sue Pascoe was a married father and successful businessman and Master to Foxhounds until a few years ago, but now that he’s wearing women’s clothes, he’s actually a lady, and if he became PM, he’d be a lady PM! Ain’t life grand for poor, unrecognised masters of foxhounds!

Robin Moira White is also a trans-identified male. They were one of the witnesses at the most recent WESC hearing, during which a lawyer explained they had fought successfully for a transwoman to get maternity leave at a company rather than the trans-identified female who’d had the baby!

So a measure to ensure that parliament is split 50/50 along gender lines, to redress the balance of too few women in politics, is itself, not even 100% female.

And the capricious Incel Gods of Twitter give timeouts to anyone who dares question the situation.

Another gay man targeted by woke drones

Putting lesbians first

It looks like David Bridle is sticking to his guns and has produced a site that FINALLY puts lesbians back at the centre of gay rights where they belong.

One of the first interviews is with Rosie Duffield, who has been left swinging in the wind by her colleagues as she faces the usual charges of transphobia by that part of Labour entrusted with losing safe seats. There’s also this shocking story—politicians had a chance to save so many children and instead they threatened others who were trying to do so.

A tale of two tweets

The recently elected green party women committee is, like the green party leadership, weighted in favour of trans activists, with all the new members keen to embrace the party policy of 'trans women are women, trans men are men and non binary identities are valid'.  The election was not an entirely clean sweep though, and a few gender critical women retained their posts.

Last week the Daily Mail printed an article about Kathryn Bristow, the trans identified male and drug pusher who claims to be a female and who is co-chair of green party women.

The committee were quick to rally round and drafted a statement demonstrating their full and complete support for Kathryn and the green party trans policies.

But the gender critical committee members were unhappy that the statement did not include any expression of regret or concern over women are leaving the party. Being in the minority, they were dismissed, but it appears that while the gender ideologists had the numbers, the gender crits had the password to the twitter account, and when ordered to post up the statement of unwavering support, they snuck in a statement saying they understood the conflict and were saddened at women leaving the party. This caused a rumpus among the committee with demands that the minority statement be removed and the twitter account handed over. As yet, both statements remain.

Billy Bragg as dumb as ever

The man who ‘winces’ when he sees Orwell quotes ignores the fact that Selina Todd had to be escorted around campus by security. An appearance on Newsnight leads Billy to the conclusion that there’s no problem with free speech in universities.

Get out of jail free

Birdy on the youtubes!

I had to watch this in sections because I was so disgusted by the unbelievable bad faith arguments deployed by Contrapoints. What a disingenuous asshole. Anyway, Birdy channels her inner Magdalen and answers back in style.

More action on the census

Poor Nicola

A life of bowing, scraping and apologising to men awaits!


Racist AND misogynist.

Another handmaiden quickly corrects herself

Uses the word ‘woman’, immediately apologises and insults feminists.

And finally

Here’s a young lady who will never apologise about being herself.

Bonus feature!