Why everyone is dropping Stonewall

Let’s start with some good news. Bristol/Somerset/Gloucester CCG (NHS Care Commission Group) have left the Stonewall Championship scheme.

Yet even as Stonewall are being sued by a lesbian barrister for trying to silence her voice, their current CEO issues this snide and dismissive tweet, mocking the idea of lesbian erasure as if gender critical feminists have pulled it out of the air.

This all sounds great until you realise that Stonewall’s ‘Acceptance Without Exception’ mantra means that straight men are currently ’identifying’ as gay women. Stonewall has become so corrupted by Queer Theory that they have opened the door to these straight male colonisers, and their ‘no debate’ mantra means that lesbians are hounded and harassed when they object.

These are all from a lesbian dating app named ‘Her’. I urge you to show this to anyone who is on the fence about Stonewall. If that organisation took their mission seriously, they would be raising strenuous objections to this insulting, homophobic bullshit. Of course, they don’t, which is why anyone who cares about gay rights should be joining the LGB Alliance, and everyone with any sense will be putting as much distance as possible between their school/business/HR department and the zombie outfit that insults gay people everywhere by going under the name Stonewall.