Heart breaking to read this and anger at all the casual and radical supporters of the gender lie.

like the author states, none of them pay the price for this suffering.

Their f-ing ‘truth’ is paid for by these poor suffering children, used like cannon fodder, sent into operation rooms to prove that its all real, healthy bodies mutilated by knives and drugs. It’s disgusting beyond belief how they treat our young human beings.

I hope all these ‘professionals’ and surgeons face justice for what they’ve done. They are like the fucking nazis. Playing god with children’s bodies and minds.

There will be a movement demanding justice for what they’ve done.

Too late for the victims, as usual, there has to be countless victims before anyone cares.

Pathetic and shameful nations full of scared fucking selfish arseholes who place

their reputation and public standing above children’s welfare.

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I am genuinely at a loss as to how chopping bits off people and constructing other bits out of twisted and mutilated flesh could ever be seen as a "solution" to a mental health problem. The hormone thing really gets me too: as a developmental biologist, I would never have thought so-called puberty blockers could be approved for *normal puberty*. I mean, there are risks associated even using them for precocious puberty, but if you're 5 and going through puberty then you have a hormonal problem that needs correcting. Just assuming it would be fine when puberty is occurring as it should do betrays a total lack of understanding of developmental time windows, and hormones in general. And that's before you even get to the "cross sex" hormones. It's insanity.

The woman I vaguely know from the self-injury support group I used to be on as a teen has just had "top surgery" - crowdfunded via the usual grift of course, with some going to the boyfriend for whatever he thinks he needs to "affirm his gender identity" as a transwoman. Take away all the gender crap and you're just left with a heterosexual couple! (But so so oppressed, of course). One other woman on there transitioned a while back - and later died of suicide. Oh, and one man (classic highly introverted possibly autistic computer nerd) who now IDs as female. There's a really high incidence of people in that group who have suffered child sexual abuse - that's why they started self-harming! (Not in my case, FYI, I was just undiagnosed autistic). Why this doesn't ring alarm bells beats me. But they're all so sweet and liberal and affirming they think this is a good thing.

Will be interested to see how the deprogramming worked.

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Jan 17, 2023·edited Jan 17, 2023

"When my husband and I learned about the sexual abuse it made total sense to us that Sinead hated her body and wanted to change it."

There's an essay by Julie Bindel on the 'Unherd' website in which she talks about the connection between abused children and "gender reassignment" surgery. She illustrates it by showing the unusually high instances of both in the town of Blackpool.

It's a deeply-disturbing read; kids who have already been disastrously failed by the care system, creating a sense of disgust with their own bodies. But instead of being compassionately treated, they're put on a grotesque conveyor belt to mutilation and lifelong medical problems. It's a breathtakingly cruel and ignorant phenomenon.

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Absolutely heartbreaking

Thank you for your strength in sharing and hopefully soon these butchers will be brought to justice , unfortunately it will be far too late for some poor souls

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This is absolutely horrific, mengele is only trotting after these butchers, they are evil because they do know what will happen to these children, they don't care, none of them do. A lot of these girls particularly have horrendous scars like something from frankinsteins monster, sepsis is almost a given, burst stitches with terrible infections, pain, utis, near death and still they are ignored by the "professionals " but the surgeons are not to blame, no, their hands running with blood as they gleefully mutilate, and pet the money going into their accounts. This is a pernicious, poisonous cult, shame on all who take part in this barbarism.

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This is such an awful subject and the reason I put myself out there as a trans widow, too old to suffer cancellation. Though I am suspended from Twitter! Here's a short to tweet, Trans Widows "Days of Girlhood"


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Thank you fpor sharing this. There is a lot of evil and stupid going round.

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"... But if that is so, then the only remaining explanation for their eagerness to feed vulnerable children into the trans mutilation factory is that they are either stupid or evil... "

Or sadists. No shortage of medical sadists in Nazi Germany, remember.

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So very sad, thank you for sharing this.

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This has been amost a carbon copy of my 3 year journey with my daughter. I've undone all the cultist ideology and she can see it all for what it is. I have a good open dialogue with her now and we often discuss at length and with great clarity every aspect of this cult and it's members. She's 16 now BUT she still hates her body and wants to be a boy. She's knows she isn't Trans and she knows she isn't a real boy. I'm at a loss what to do next. I have a private psychiatrist working with her that I've vetted, but even he tells me there is no road map to follow. He's treating her OCD and ADD which has helped enormously. But I'm yet to find a way to get her over the line and love herself truly. What am I missing here? Any advice gladly received.

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Exulansic spent a weekend with me! (I am a trans widow, author of In the Curated Woods, True Tales from a Grass Widow) and we posted the chat linked below, on the fallacies of cross-dressing, as a deep dive into the dopamine hits and behavioral factors in play in "cross-dressing."

My house is chilly in winter, and I think she needed by big sweater, but her quiet comments at the end really stand out.

If you happen to come across any trans widows, that is women whose husbands went down this rabbit hole, please let them know about Ute Heggen youtube channel.


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Well it’s upset Comerford on Twitter that’s for sure👍🏼. About to settle down for a read. Thank you.

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Why only a bigot would object to (checks notes) permanent incontinence

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