Can I just apologise to everyone on behalf of Scotland. I don't know how we let this happen. Maybe we should never have taken these pandas from the Chinese....🤔

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Thank you Graham I feel honoured to get a mention. x

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Emma is brilliant and also very funny. Check out the GPW hustings where she is glared at throughout by some TIMs. Other good news for GP is Tamsin (floater) Omond’s departure. They/

them is going to live in Glasgow and probably hoping for a job in government.

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Excuse me: What rights are trans people specifically supposed to have under the European Convention of Human Rights? As in rights not afforded to each and every human being protected by that convention but as in: specific rights for trans people that could be taken away from them? Or at least as in rights that could plausibly be interpreted to protect trans people but not the general public? Have they ever read the document? And what declaration is supposed to demand that trans people are excluded from the ECHR? Have they ever read that document?

The ECHR protects the right to life, the freedom of expression, the freedom of thought, the right to a fair trial, the right to be protected from discrimination, among other things. I have heard of no one demanding that trans people should be excluded from these rights.

If anything, their self appointed representation could be said to demand that the general public be deprived of many of the rights protected under his convention, such as the freedom of expression, the freedom of thought, and calls to be exempt from the prohibition of the abuse of rights, and in no uncertain terms.

We could plausibly argue that their self appointed representation routinely prompts police in the UK to violate the rights of feminists and other people set forth in Article 6 of the ECHR.

Read the full document here:


By the way, the Christian Right has employed the same methods of deception for two decades now in trying to convince the public that religious people should enjoy privileges at the cost of others. They even go so far as to falsify passages of the ECHR or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on documents they hand out to prove their points of view. This has included the claim that human rights precluded gay marriage and the right of gays and lesbians to adopt children, or the claim that a ruling by the Court of Justice at the European Union had outlawed abortion.

TRAs are copying their playbook page by page, and they are outdoing their teachers in deceit.

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It’s because we’ve got that hateful little shit Patrick Harvey up here 🤬

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I LOVE those declarations! May the Force be with those women!

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By coincidence, this landed just as I spotted this update from the former leadership candidate and unofficial they/them spokesthingy for the Greens.


Bad luck Scotland, they is all yours!

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I doubt they want ALL their rights removed. Sounds like a lie.

Surely they’ll still have all the same rights everybody else has.

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Scottish Greens debate cutting ties with Green Party of England and Wales over 'transphobia':


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