You won't believe why they've charged Marion Miller

They fucking did it. They charged Marion.

One of the reasons Marion feels so strongly about this subject is that she has two autistic kids and she feels they’re particularly vulnerable to this ideology. If you look at her feed you get nothing except her defending women’s rights. (Quick reminder—please share our petition!)

So which tweet landed her in hot water? Was it her pinned tweet, where someone says “women won’t wheesht” to Nicola Sturgeon?

Was it because she had the temerity to tell the truth about Stonewall?

…or was it because she stood up for lesbians being coerced by straight men in dresses?

None of these. I’ve been reliably informed that the tweet for which she is being charged includes this one. It’s a Suffragette ribbon.

(UPDATE: I’ve removed a section here that made a guess as to the identity of the person who brought the case along with some other details. I’ll put them back when the case is no longer active.)

So there you have it.

Marion’s trial is in Glasgow on the 20th of July.

See you there.