Hiya it's Rebekah! Just hopping on to clarify that I'm not in Leeds Resisters and I'm not sure why that edit was made.

It's a fantastic, clear statement that I back 100% but I don't want to take credit for something someone else did. My group also pulled protests but we didn't make a public statement about it.

Hope you're all peachy and that ya enjoy the write up!

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Brilliantly told - thank you! A well- told story stays with us, which is why someone who spins a good yarn is gold 🙂

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Just to let people know this particular drag queen also supports Mermaids. So in my opinion he is a groomer. He took a selfie of himself wearing a Mermaids t shirt on his way to one of these events.

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They are thinking about the children. Inappropriately.

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'Trans' and 'queer' and 'woke' trumps everything -- even fire alarms. Nothing can get in the way of cult business. So what if it puts people in danger, the ideology comes first. That alarm story is accidentally metaphorical.

It’s not surprising that just when ‘gender’ ideologues are trying with all their might to convince society that men can become women, we have the takeover of Library Story Hour by men-pretending-to-be-women. Under the guise children’s literacy, embraced by library programmers (who have, up until the last woke minute, been impeccable in their safeguarding of children) — what could be more convincingly innocent than Drag Queen Story Hour? With toddlers!

The question we have to ask ourselves -- why is it everywhere, in every damn library, in so many countries? What the hell is going on? Ring all the alarms. Again and again and again, until sanity returns.

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Nearly went to Leeds city museum, which is round the corner from the library with my two kids on Sat. Decided not too as I realized we would have to walk by this scene.

I honestly can't understand any parent who would let their child run the gauntlet, of protesters, while waving a rainbow flag. Kids will do anything to get the praise of adults. Using your child to signal your own virtues is narcissistic. The yoghurt weaving idiots attending such events need to stop wearing their 5 year olds as a badge.

As for the neo Nazis shouting homephobic slurs on the opposite "side" I have no words other than contemptuous ones but a least they didn't bring toddlers along!

Thanks for attending Rebecca.

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So much to say, so little time!

1. The decision not to evacuate an area when a fire alarm has gone off should be investigated thoroughly. This is no a decision that would have been made the regular staff - it came from on high. Someone should be hauled over the coals on their way out of the door.

2. I hadn't heard of "Patriotic Alternative" until today (sheltered life?), so I looked at their website. How does the same drivel get regurgitated time after time? I despise everything they say, everything they do. They serve no good purpose in life. If they had been correct about something just once I might give them some credit, but they haven't. Wrong about gays, wrong about Jews, wrong about immigrants... you name it, they've got it wrong. It makes me a bit worried that they have the same opinion as me about trans ideology - might I be wrong? I'm fairly certain I'm not, if for no other reason that they seem to have the same modus operandi in recruiting children to their cause, and that I don't hate trans people, I just want them to have appropriate boundaries. I hope they don't get more traction - I don't want to go back to my Anti-Fascist League days, but I will if I have to in order to protect my wife (not from this country) and my dual-nationality children from the scum of the earth.

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If the Fire Brigade turned up and there were a load of folk holding kids back in a building with the alarm going off they'd go through them like a dose of salts. Did it not occur to them that the group of troublemakers around the building might have actually set something on fire !?

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Brilliant work Rebekah. More please!

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"Both sides look like utter dicks."

Amen. As long as most politicians and most media keep pretending they can't see the problem, it's left to the utter dicks on both sides to make it "their" issue. Finding opposition in dribbling morons like Patriotic Alternative is a gift to TRA's, just as creepy drag queens who are far too interested in other people's kids, are a gift to Patriotic Alternative.

Thanks for that and good luck with your important work.

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As the daughter of a librarian I doubly agree that the children should have been evacuated. Leeds Council has got to go. And the head Librarian 😕

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This is so disturbing on numerous levels. Thank you for documenting it.

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Wow, so stubbornness comes before basic fire safety? Bravo! Protocol goes out the window in the name of hi-jacked / disingenuous social justice.

The particularly handsome kingfisher made me laugh out loud!

Annoys me so much that people think the PA are the trouble makers here. I mean, of course they are, but if you invite trouble into your home, what do you expect? The far left attracts the far right. Clearly libraries didn't realise they were fanning the flames of a culture war. "It's just a story in a library". Oh, but it's not!

Do you think they will learn their lesson? Is all this trouble really worth it for a drag queen?

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Thanks Rebekah. Interesting to see the difference between this and recent Standing for Women events in Bristol and Manchester. Also, omg the fire alarm situation - dangerous chaos.

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'We’re at a tipping point and once more it’s down to the feminists to fix it.' Love it. Fix it feminism. That could be our knew brand.

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Linked below is an extremely biased account of an incident at the San Lorenzo Library in California:

"They interrupted Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH), where performers read books to kids as a means toward literacy and compassion for others ..."

Ha. Literacy! I. Do. Not. Believe. This. Not for one minute.

'Drag Queens' reading to toddlers about their 'swishing hips (don't forget there's penises swinging too) is not about literacy. Not even close. Complete gaslighting.

And why should toddlers have 'compassion' for 'drag queens'? Ridiculous woke notion. Even requiring validation from wee babies. PATHETIC.

Look how freakin' ubiquitous this 'queer' Library Story Hour is for gawd's sakes. The Library coup even has its own acronym.


Without a doubt, there's a powerful concerted effort behind this story hour takeover.

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