The trans-identified male who keeps popping up in the Wi Spa story

The ground zero of the 'hoax' narrative

This is the guy who was named on the first night by Genevieve Gluck, Big Bill Moon and others as the Wi Spa flasher. Many have pointed out that his non-denial/non-confession statements can’t really be seen as proof that he was present, so I’ve amended the piece to reflect that.

Bill Moon pointed to this exchange.

Heartrending, is it not?

Well, no, not really. This is what he looks like when he’s not camping it up for the camera or laying it on for a critic.

And this is what he looks like when he’s just, you know,. thinkin’ about stuff!

Remember the women attacked at the protest? Here’s how he promoted it.

This is how his online friends helped.

He’s not a woman. He’s a violent, abusive male who does not respect female boundaries. He knows he could expose himself to women and children because, in California, in 2021, under a slightly too-slow President, he’s wouldn’t be breaking any law.

And this guy has the world’s media running interference for him. The list of complicit suckers in publishing, academia and the arts goes on and on…Owen Jones and Laurie Penny and Neil Gaiman, and Sally Hines and Alison Phipps and Janey Godley and Helen Lewis and Philip Pullman and Joanne Harris and Jameela Jamil and Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal and Jon Ronson and on and on like a conga line of Disney clowns into history’s dustbin.

I specify ‘Disney’ so you’ll think of music. Maybe nothing by Precious Child, though, eh?