White Male privilege in 2021

A journalist from the Independent who despises the women he impersonates

I don’t know what CursedE looks like now, but it doesn’t matter, because even if he passes better than fucking Kevin De Bruyne you don’t get to sexually intimidate and mock women just because you’re dressed as one. Cursed talks a lot about the surgery that lays lifesavingly in his future, but I guarantee you the only time Cursed needs a doctor is for an STD. There’s no way a misogynist like this is letting go of any body part that brings him this much sadistic pleasure.

Not only that, The Independent hires him as a journalist (where he writes as ‘Gemma Stone’) and allows him to mock and demonise women who are justifiably afraid of men like him. Talk about male privilege.

Unfortunately, we have to consider him just for a few seconds longer. Do you remember a few weeks ago when I published this brilliant infographic?

The creator, Lucia Eggenhoffer, is a brilliant and established Slovak artist. She draws illustrations for kids and her subject matter is endangered animals she wants to protect. Just look at this beautiful thing.

I’d show you more of her work, but Cursed E, the man who wants to rub his hated penis over everything an anonymous woman will be forced to touch, had her E-shop taken down.

This isn’t even the first time she has been forced out of a community by an abusive autogynephile. Eggen came to Twitter after a purge of Reddit’s GC feminist groups by everyone’s favourite trans Zelig, Aimee Challenor. This is how the Internet works in 2021: empowered and enabled by companies like Shopify and Twitter, misogynistic fetishists hound any woman who objects to their abuse into smaller and smaller spaces.

Eggen is trying to rebuild her shop. In the meantime, she has a website here and her paypal is here. Please do drop her a couple of quid.

As for Cursed, he is an incel in a dress. End of story. Stop listening to psychopathic men on the subject of women’s rights. Stop protecting them. Stop giving them jobs in the media. Have some standards, for Christ’s sake.