Wadhwa, Yaniv & the "All About Me" Agenda

Remember trans-identified male Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv? Of course you do.

There is a great deal to say about Yaniv, but the most important thing is that he took legal action against 16 female beauticians, many of them immigrant women on low incomes, because they refused to give him a Brazilian wax. He claimed ‘transphobic discrimination’ because the women refused to touch his genitalia.

He has a sinister interest in prepubescent girls and a menstruation fetish. One young woman accused him of sexually harassing her online when she was 14/15 years old and filed a child exploitation report against him.

He’s been had up on weapons charges.

He’s been charged with assault.

And he’s also a racist…

Last week we reported on Mridul Wadhwa, the trans identified male who has just been appointed CEO of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. We made the following points:

  • He has no GRC so is still legally male.

  • He lied about his sex to secure a job at Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre.

  • He objected to an amendment allowing rape victims to choose the sex of the medical clinician examining them.

  • When pursuing his political ambitions he took up a place on an SNP all-women shortlist.

  • He has demonstrated a shocking lack of knowledge regarding legislation which affects women’s services, a sector in which he’s worked for over a decade.

  • He is ‘disappointed’ by the single-sex provisions allowed for in the Equality Act 2010 and finds them ‘discriminatory’ against transwomen.

And now we find that Mridul Wadhwa actually sided with Yaniv against a group of migrant women.

In July 2019 The European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW) posted a fundraising link on their Facebook page to try and help the women targeted by Yaniv and his legal action.

This is how Mridul Wadhwa responded.

Someone working with women traumatised by male sexual violence should recognise immediately that, always and forever and under any circumstances, women have the inalienable right to say an unequivocal “No” to touching male genitals. Moreover, they should be outraged when that right is threatened. But Wadhwa didn’t take this view.

It is very telling that his knee-jerk reaction was to rage about an ‘anti-trans agenda’ and demand a conversation about transwomen rather than to express concern for the women facing financial ruin because they didn’t want to handle a stranger’s penis.

Wadhwa admitted to being uninformed about the case (though ENoMW made the facts very clear) but still his immediate instinct was to ignore the predator trying to blackmail women into touching his genitals and, instead, attack the very women trying to help his victims.

And this is the new CEO of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.