The truth about Sisters Uncut

An anti-feminist organisation that places men's rights above women's safety

Sisters Uncut are using the tragic murder of a young woman to shill for rapists and killers.

The vigil this weekend was supposed to be about mourning the loss of Sarah Everard, a sister tragically lost to male violence.

It was hijacked by faux feminist group, Sisters Uncut, who exploited the event to push their own agenda.

Sisters Uncut use the veneer of feminism to campaign for men’s rights, including the sexual exploitation of women and, of course, trans ideology.

THIS is Sisters Uncut.

They defended and supported a violent trans identified male who was convicted of physically assaulting a 60 year old woman.

They were involved when members of a feminist campaign group in Scotland were threatened with violence and abused at their own meetings by trans activists.

They stormed a feminist event protesting rape culture in Manchester.

In Bristol they invaded a feminist meeting, intimidating attendees and physically preventing them from entering the venue.

When women gathered on Clapham Common on Saturday evening to remember Sarah Everard, it didn’t take long for Sisters Uncut to swoop in and take over, turning a peaceful vigil into something entirely different.

Writing about the event in Unherd, Sarah Ditum points out, “Sisters Uncut promoted itself to a leadership role in the protests — as though a group that previously defended Tara Wolf, a transgender woman convicted of assaulting a 60-year-old woman, has any moral authority on the issue of male violence against women”.

It didn’t end there. Sisters Uncut continued to exploit the victims of male violence. They organised a ‘laying down’ in parliament square, “In tribute to the many women who have been killed by police, in prison or in state custody”.

Let’s look a little closer at some of the trans identified males Sisters Uncut claim were ‘murdered by the state’ and have seen fit to include on this list of dead women.

Jade Eathoughook

Martin Eathough was convicted of the knifepoint rape of a fifteen year old girl, a crime he carried out less than two hours after sexually assaulting another teenager.

At his trial he pleaded guilty to rape, attempted rape, kidnap with intent to rape and sexual assault. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and a psychiatric report suggested there was a significant risk of his committing further very serious offences in the future.

Eatough had previous convictions including arson and attempted robbery and had also been cautioned over allegedly simulating sex on a girl under 10 years old.

He committed suicide in Parkhurst Prison in 2017.

Joanne Latham

Edward Brown / Edward Latham was convicted of attempted murder in 2001 after trying to kill his female flatmate. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He tried to kill another prisoner at HMP Frankland in 2007, receiving a further life sentence. In 2011 he tried to kill a fellow patient at Rampton secure psychiatric hospital by stabbing him in the neck and received yet another life sentence.

He is said to have ‘identified as a woman’ but there is no evidence to suggest he had any medical treatment or diagnosis. He changed his name to Joanne Latham in the summer of 2015. He took his own life at Woodhill Prison a few months later.

Jenny Swift

Jonathan Swift, a 49 year old former soldier, was charged with the ‘frenzied’ murder of Eric Flanagan, a 26 year old father of two, and remanded into custody.

Flanagan was stabbed numerous times in the face, chest and arm and was attacked with a broken shovel. An eye witness reported seeng Swift pick up a knife and attack Flanagan with it after the pair had been drinking and taking drugs together. A paramedic who attended the scene described it as “The worst stabbing I’ve seen during my time with the ambulance service”.

It is reported that Swift was taking hormones without prescription but there is nothing to suggest he had a formal medical diagnosis of any treatment for gender dysphoria.

He was found dead in his cell at HMP Doncaster prison in December 2016.

Nicola Cope

Gordon Cope was a paedophile and a rapist. In 2015, then aged 57, he was convicted of nine charges of rape and four of indecent assault of two little girls. The girls were aged just six (possibly even younger) and seven when the abuse began. The offences took place between 1987 and 2003.

When sentencing him to 16 years, the judge told Cope “It is difficult to imagine a worse case. You knowingly set out to groom these children so you could have intercourse with them”.

Cope underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2008 so, following his conviction, was accommodated in a women’s prison. 

He was found dead at Foston Hall Prison, apparently from suicide, in 2016, a year after being convicted.

How dare they? How dare Sisters Uncut celebrate violent males - rapists and murderers - whilst simultaneously pretending to grieve the loss of a young woman killed by a man.

Far from wanting to protect women from male violence, Sisters Uncut aggressively campaign for self ID and for the removal of the very processes and the female-only spaces and services that help to keep women safe.

They are not feminists. They are the problem.