Ten questions for Nicola Sturgeon

  1. Can you define ‘transphobia’?

  2. Can you define ‘transwoman’?

  3. Can you define ‘woman’?

  4. Are Eddie Izzard and Caitlyn Jenner the same sex as my mum?

  5. Do you believe that male-sexed people should have the right to undress and shower in a communal changing room with women and girls?

  6. Do you believe that natal women deserve a word to describe themselves? Why/ why not?

  7. Should men play women’s sport, despite their many phsyical advantages?

  8. Should male sex offenders be placed in women’s prisons if they ‘identify as women’?

  9. Where is your respect for lesbians and other gay people being told their sexuality is transphobic?

  10. Where is your sisterhood?