Something rotten at the heart of Reddit

Aimee Challenor continues to fail upwards (story by Jorg C)

In 2020, Aimee Challenor/Knight wrote an open letter to Reddit - that other moderators signed - which resulted in many Gender Critical accounts and subreddits being removed from the site.  Among the groups banned were r/detran (trans activists hate detransitioners) and r/truelesbians (which catered for actual lesbians, as opposed to bepenised ones).

…now, Reddit have put her on the payroll.

Below is Aimee in action, using her new account u/isnottheimposter. Aimee deleted her previous working account u/bpwpb.

Just to confirm, u/isnottheimposter is Aimee Knight - see the graphic below.

You can also recognise Aimee’s distinctive voice from videos posted by u/isnottheimposter. Here, for instance, is Aimee, and possibly Nathaniel, playing the popular hidden role game ‘Among Us’. As recently as yesterday, Aimee or someone associated with Aimee has deleted other videos from the site.

In 2019 Aimee’s future husband Nathaniel Dean Knight of Michigan was outed by Mumsnet for writing sex stories involving children.

Nathaniel wrote the tweets below to defend himself but received a backlash from Twitter users. These tweets led to Aimee being investigated and removed from the UK’s Liberal Democrats and eventually she was removed from Stonewall’s trans advisory board. Nathaniel also had his Twitter account suspended.

Some months later, Aimee Knight - backed into a corner - went on record to deny that Nathaniel wrote the above tweets and stated that Knight’s Twitter account had been hacked, without providing any proof. 

However, we can now reveal two things:

(1) Nathaniel Knight is on record admitting his paedophilia on DigiArtistsDomain, in a concrete way, back in 2004…

Quote: "Early exposure to sexual situations led to an interest in the immature female body, which led to my pedophillia."

You’ll see below - from the same site - it’s clear Nate Hunter is Nathaniel Dean Knight from Michigan, Aimee Knight’s husband. Here is his wolf avatar, and his Internet name, KharonAlpua. Kharon Alpua is a unique name Nathaniel has used for a very long time now and it’s also securely tied to him through his Keybase account.

(2) Nathaniel’s pre-teen child sex stories were also in his Furaffinity gallery (“Kharon Alpua”) as early as 1st May 2015. This is around the time Aimee Knight met him. Furaffinity was an important online space Nathaniel Knight and Aimee Knight (then Challenor) used, and one of the places they met. Looking at people’s galleries is also a key part of the Furaffinity experience.

I apologise for providing part of one of Nathaniel’s stories below, but I think it’s important to see what he writes and where he goes in his head. This is from "[The Digital Matrix] 02 Comfort Among Friends”. Ruki and Juri are pre-teens, and importantly it’s clear from the graphic above that they’re both pre-teens. You can see the icon for the story in Nathaniel’s gallery above (2nd row, 5th pic).

(Note from Graham: I’ve blurred many parts of this, because ugh, but if any journalists want the whole thing, let me know.)

These stories demonstrate that the tweets Aimee tried to deny Nathaniel wrote *are* consistent with Nathaniel’s thinking. And also that these stories were in a place Aimee would have had access- which makes you wonder if Aimee knew he harboured sexual feelings for children right from the start of their relationship. 

So, a few questions.

Did Aimee Knight get the job at Reddit by keeping quiet about the real reasons for their removal from the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and Stonewall?

Does Reddit stand by its decision to remove feminist and lesbian subreddits like R/GenderCritical, which contained some 65,000 members, at the request of someone who, at the very least, has covered up for a paedophile?

Does Stonewall stand by its safeguarding advice, given to institutions all over the UK, including Girlguiding, which adopted at the same time Challenor was on their trans advisory board?

Will the Green Party UK ever apologise to Andy Healy for suspending him after he exposed Aimee and Aimee’s paedophile father?

One thing is certain. As Aimee’s story continues, the scandals will continue to pile up.