Institutional capture and grooming has been challenged for years and there's debris of women to show for it.

A heap of us, along with the real mutilated bodies of girls. Like a steaming compost heap, fed with that f*cking rainbow, infantilising colours and glitter, turning it into unicorn crap.

That rainbow, with its "QTPOC" (cutie-pok) wedge is a proper 'trigger' now.

The lanyards, the epaulettes, the car resprays, the badges, municipal building flags, Desmond is Amazing, Storytime, lgbTqwerty, Tavistock....ad infinitum...it all makes me physically repulsed, a knot in my stomach reignited from the past of eggshells and fear.

And still my answer remains - NO.

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I have complained about "My Life: When Mum becomes Dad" as follows:

(1) CBBC should not promote the idea of "gender stereotypes" in adults any more than in children. The channel should obey the same restrictions outlined in the Government’s RSE guidance for schools in respect of adults as well as children. Issued in September 2020, the guidance directs that:

“You should not reinforce harmful stereotypes, for instance by suggesting that children might be a different gender based on their personality and interests or the clothes they prefer to wear.”


“teachers should not suggest to a child that their non-compliance with gender stereotypes means that either their personality or their body is wrong and in need of changing, teachers should always seek to treat individual students with sympathy and support.”

Exactly the same guidelines apply to the mental breakdown of a mother, aka "transition", to become another "dad" to her biological children. The programme showed clearly that the biological mother continued to provide the motherly role of day-to-day care of the children, ferrying them to and from school, liaising with teachers, organising after school and birthday activities. Why is this some "special" state? The CBBC is promoting a "stereotype" of what it is to be a mother. Actually "Dad Jack" was, is and will always be the child's mother.

(2) It is child abuse to pretend to a child that their mother can change their biological sex. The BBC should not promote the scientifically wrong idea that human beings can change their biological sex.

(3) The children are far too young to understand the subtle distinction between sex - a biological reality - and "gender" which is a social construct.

(4) The BBC should not be promoting "Gender identity" ideology which is a disturbing and deeply destructive belief which promotes "gender" stereotypes, which impact much more adversely on women and girls.

If the BBC were a school, scenes from ‘When my Mum becomes Dad’ would warrant a report to Ofsted for destroying mental health.

You are all welcome to copy and paste - but please change a few words to disguise the origins.

Thank you, Graham, for bringing the various programmes together. You know professionally how and why this is done. Thank you.

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Graham, this is some of your finest work. Outstanding.

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"Stonewall was groomed by Challenor, and men like him, and Girlguiding* was groomed by Stonewall, and organisations like it."

*all media, police, judiciary, academia, medical professions, etc.

And the founder of Drag Queen Story Hour was quoted as saying ~ "We're *queering* the next generation".

"Jimmy Saville is online and he is connected with every other Jimmy Saville in the world."

⬆️ These are genius 👏👊💪💥💣💡🔥🎯

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Dec 12, 2020Liked by Graham Linehan

A further topic under this heading must be the rush by every major publisher of books for children to issue beautifully presented, age appropriate trans propaganda indistinguishable from other children's story books.

I asked my local Safeguarding Children Partnership why they had GIRES / Mermaids nonsense as "guidance" for children and "professionals" and was told they had been asked for their advice on the subject by children and parents. These are senior Health, Police and Social Care professionals utterly failing to give responsible advice to confused families.

Eg they had a section heading "we know you're not gay"; they repeat the intersex twaddle; they discuss children who don't conform to "gender norms" as though decades of equal opps never happened... And of course they give a list of identities such as third sex, skoliosexual, questioning, gender queer...

You know they don't believe a word of it and their spineless refusal to take a stand makes a mockery of their professional responsibility.

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I try to take some optimism in these events. It's the catch 22 of this nonsense (I refuse, out of respect to call it "trans rights"). The more they gain power, the more attention is drawn to these issues, the more the public rejects them, and the less power they have. I keep the faith in this.

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Excellent, just brilliant. This is it completely - we are all being groomed, from politicians to parents at Drag Queen story time.

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It’s funny I was just thinking about this last night - it really is a pincer movement. The Men in charge of it “become women” to gain the power from the top and then lower down the ladder they work on everyone else to “become Male” because that’s really what it’s all about - eradicating females as much as possible

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Please stop saying that only "straight white men" are behind this movement and doing the grooming, and that the spell is mostly affecting "privileged, always-online, white middle-class kids."

Maybe where you live it looks like that is the case, but in the US where I am, many black men who ID as trans are prominent TRAs in powerful positions, and a lot of black kids from various socioeconomic backgrounds are drinking the kool-aid.

Many black people in the US are very religious, hewing to a conservative Christianity, and they're extremely homophobic too. As a result, many gay black boys are going trans, as are large numbers of American black girls and young women who otherwise would either be lesbians or just ordinary women who don't give a toss about femininity - which used to be a large segment of the female population no matter what our sexual orientation.

Same thing is apparently going on with indigenous youth in both the US and Canada. In British Columbia, Canada, a doctor who cares for kids in state care - most of whom are of First Nations heritage - has bragged that half of them are trans.

Many "trans kids" and young adults in the US and Canada are from very troubled, disadvantaged family backgrounds and communities. Many have spent time in state care or supervision by social services. Many have histories of being severely abused by adults, mental illness, homelessness, running away from home, dropping out of and not finishing school, drug & alcohol abuse, crime, incarceration, etc. Many have spent time in residential mental health facilities.

These kids are varied racially and ethnically - like especially the US is. But they are not all middle-class and privileged. Far from it.

In the UK, doesn't Keira Bell contradict the picture you're painting. Her background sounds very troubled and disadvantaged - daughter of a severely alcoholic single mother whose teenage struggles and mental health problems seem related to her distinct lack of privilege and a cushy middle-class upbringing. I don't know what Keira Bell's race or ethnicity is - never thought much about it - but it seems she might not mixed race, not what's usually considered "white" in countries like the UK and Ireland.

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Great piece and great point about the adult “transitioner” being female and the child being a male.

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A great piece of writing. If only it could be more widely read. Unfortunately, the big powerful 'grooming' organisations like the BBC and other media outlets have a large and trusting audience so they have more control of the narrative.

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Great article, thank you for it and all that you do.

Not to be pedantic but I believe that rather than men's sexual rights being placed above women's rights, it's men's sexual fetishes/perversions/demands that are being placed above women's human sex based rights. After all, men as a sex already have all the rights they could possibly need including some they're not at all entitled to. And men's sexual rights (which only amount to the right to pursue consensual sex with willing consenting adults) have never been in the slightest doubt. Just my tuppence worth.

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Once I would have thought a piece like this one was sensationalist, now I know we can’t shout loudly enough because so many have sleepwalked in. And did anyone hear this little piece of propaganda Naturebang from BBC Radio 4 this week? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000q3ks

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Very well written

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The ABC TV (govt funded, only non-commercial Australian station) took on the issue of transgender, with using its flagpole program Four Corners a year or so ago for a piece of downright propoganda for this practice by following two girls being deliriously happy being in transition (one mentioning the LGBTQ as her 'home from home', while the 'T' has nothing to do with L, G, or B), the parents also being fine about the new pronouns....For the rest the media in Australia has been totally silent on that station and in the social media. As a radical feminist, who identifies as a lesbian, I can only testify that this indicated the immense influence of the LGBT over the last 30 years in this country (well-known also for gender-choice programming in public school education, viz GIDES and Mermaids), and where we almost had to genuflect to the rainbow flag at public gatherings, treating the issue of the 'victims' of LGBT in the same breath of that of indigenous genocide by white Australia (more outrageous than that is hardly to find)!

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Thank you for speaking up.

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