'Princess Mom'

A strong stomach needed for this one

“Princess Mom”, Gabrielle Darone, is a trans-identified male with a pregnancy / birth / breastfeeding fetish.

He joined a Facebook group intended to support breastfeeding mothers.

He told the women in the group all about simulating a pregnancy and using Domperidone to induce the production of breastmilk. Because, “severe dysphoria”.

(Domperidone is a drug more commonly prescribed for nausea which has been found to stimulate lactation. In 2004, the USA's Food & Drug Administration issued a warning against using it for inducing breastmilk and detailed the associated dangers.)

Darone, who has actually fathered two children, intends to play-act a faux birth, replicating contractions and the pain of labour with an electrical muscle stimulator.

Darone still lives with his “future ex-wife” and their children. Funnily enough, his wife is being “uncooperative” over his plans to simulate a birth in her house. So Darone is touting for a “miracle person” to step up and assist him.

But instead of telling this fetid creep to fuck off, the women in the group are actually indulging his warped fantasies.

Perhaps most disturbingly, Darone is trying to solicit the loan of an infant that he can ‘breastfeed’. Oh, if only some kind woman would offer him the “invaluable gift” of allowing him to ‘feed’ her baby, it would be his '“dream scenario”.

And instead of blocking and reporting him like they should do, the women in the group are lavishing advice and sympathy on this red flag walking.

One woman even said she’d have no problem lending him her 5-month-old baby.

Another woman suggested he try approaching a local mums’ group for help.

These women, who think they are protecting and supporting trans people, are merely bit-players in the grubby fantasy of a deeply disturbed fetishist. Such is the chokehold gender ideology has on society; we’re enabling and applauding someone who should be on some sort of register.

And isn’t he just loving it?