On The Basis Of Gender

Here’s two young American women who are ON IT.

Have a think about the bravery it takes to do a video like this when they know well what happens to women who do videos like this. There is some wonderful, practical advice at the end of it and I hope Americans, who might feel nervous about entering the gender debate, will feel this a safe way to express their concerns.

Let’s put it this way, if you write directly to the people in charge instead of putting it on social media, then the likes of ‘Katy’ Montgomery and Aiden Comerford will never know your name.

By the way, the reason Helen Staniland is such a target at the moment is because she asks a single question over and over and it drives. Them. Nuts. They can’t answer with a simple ‘no’, like any normal person, and they know that answering ‘yes’ puts them in a frame with paedophile monster and former blue-ticked Arts Technica writer Doctor Pizza, who by the way is STILL ON TWITTER.

Anyway, I digress! Here’s the link for WOLF’s action. Please share with your American friends.