LGB Alliance finally able to confront Stonewall

"Gender identity ideology is based on a pack of lies"

This is powerful stuff from Kate and Bev. Kate’s statement especially is lacerating. I tried to link to the moment in question but in case it doesn’t work go straight to the 60 minute mark. Transcript follows.

“Jan, I'm going to direct some comments to you first of all. Thank you for being on this call. I tried for two and a half years to talk to you and Ruth. There are people on this call with me, who wrote you letter after letter after letter. Johnny (Best) and I set up a petition, we got 10,000 signatures, it was very very radical, it asked you to have a dialogue with us. You rejected all of those things, and I still don't understand why. If we don't debate we will not move forward. Without debate we will not move forward. The only reason that we had to form LGB Alliance was because you Jan, as chair of the trustees of Stonewall refused to have a debate, even a debate that was moderated by an independent person.

I want to say…that Stonewall has been the best of my life, and the worst of my life. I worked with Stonewall for years. I raised money for Stonewall. Ruth Hunt was my account manager. Stonewall is in my DNA. Now I want to tell you, Jan, my life has been ruined, ruined because of what you and Ruth and Nancy and various people did, directly contravening agreements that you had made with us, that you would not add the T to a charity that was promoting LGB rights.

It's not important that my life has been ruined because I'm old and big enough and ugly enough to manage it. Can you explain to me why Stonewall is not supporting Keira Bell and every single transitioner whose life has been ruined because of your adoption of gender identity theory and queer theory? How do you feel about the fact that in the US today, there are 36,000 girls who are on a waiting list to have top surgery? Is that something that you can sleep with at night? Because I can't.

So LGB alliance is focused on telling the truth. Having fact-based dialogue, telling the truth to girls, but it's great to be a girl. It's great to be a lesbian. You do not have to cut off your breasts and pretend you're a boy because you’re gender nonconforming. Stonewall, you are responsible for this. And I blame you for not supporting Keira Bell and every other detransitioner. I blame you for supporting men's involvement in (women’s) rugby. How can you do that!? That's clearly dangerous! And I blame you fundamentally for lying. Gender Identity ideology is based on a pack of lies. And everyone on this call who actually considers the background of gender identity theory and queer theory, knows that.

I would finally like to say the LGB Alliance, and I suspect everyone on this call, fully supports the rights of transsexuals to every equality under the law. We don't want them discriminated against at work. We don't want them discriminated against in housing, or in health, and the fastest growing demographic that supports LGB Alliance are transexuals.

So I'll leave you with those thoughts, and finally to Benjamin Cohen, please stop lying about us. We're sick of it.