Just remembered I used to know a lot of misogynists

So because I’m no longer on Twitter, having been accused by that company of unknown misdeeds that appeared to catch their notice around the same time I tweeted “Men aren’t women, tho”, I am unable to tell this blue-ticked former friend that my Steam account now belongs to my son.

So, Steve, I would appreciate it if you overlook my negligence in forgetting that you and many other former friends think women’s rights are a matter of such laughable inconsequence that those who advocate for them can be bullied for the rest of their lives. I’d further appreciate it if you took the tweet down, because it contains private information.

By the way, my son likes games with ragdoll physics, but even if he didn’t, even if the account still belonged to me, policing anyone’s choice of game to curry favour with your witchfinding friends shows exactly who and what you are. You’re a bully, Steve. You’re not even a bully, you’re the one who watches the door for the bully.

My son is 14 years old. Unfriend him, or whatever the fuck you have to do, and don’t ever tweet about him again.