Sorry, all, slight technical hitch with the episode, it'll be back up tomorrow!

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Dear Graham,

Thanks for your latest video, "In a Mess With Jane Clare Jones" and the group of three of today, October 8. I listened, went on to other things, wanted to listen again, came back to it and found it marked "Video Unavailable. This video is private." I later found it up again. It was wonderful and for of all her admitted introversion, Jones is a dynamo on screen. I do love her cat. It looks so cozy.

Also, regarding Jones' prospective magazine "The Radical Notion: A Feminist Journal," please let us know when her website is up as I haven't been able to find anything since you first brought it to our attention earlier other than her Twitter announcement.

Re your mention of the Netflix production "The Social Dilemma," here is a review from TNR, "The Social Dilemma and the Rise of the Clickbait Documentary: Why the Netflix movie falls short as a critique of Silicon Valley,' by Elizabeth Pandora, of today. She sees it as the usual mea culpa, but refusing to take responsibility or to place blame or take responsibility [my characterization of her text]." I haven't seen it as I don't have Netflix. I hope it will be of interest:


Lastly, your latest "The War Against Women" of today is filled with incredible outrages. When I read things like this I am not as sanguine as you, and tend to agree with Jones, that we are nowhere near seeing the end of these assaults resulting in the destruction of women's rights and the right of dissent itself from people from whom we should least expect it. As Helen alluded to in one of her comments today----and I cannot quote her verbatim until I watch it again so I attempt to sum it up as follows: What is so shocking is the absolute glee men show, whether trans or allies, when supporting trans rights and state without irony "Trans women are women."

It is now insufficient to fall back on "Orwellian" to describe what is happening with the statements of the activists, the way they turn on a dime to change reality. Our side thinks it has scored a hit then no sooner does the other come back with "We never said that," or more ominously begin reproducing your language or that of other gender-critical persons as if they have been saying and writing the same forever, showing that words and the people who use them can change meanings and places instantly. The miracle of the internet age. It puts me in mind of what the Left and Liberals have received at the hands of the Right for over 40 years since the time of Ronald Reagan in the U.S. and most of whom didn't have the wit to counter, or their jobs depended on their not doing so, especially the Liberals who became neoliberals, as are Republicans.Those tactics are evident in Britain and around the world during that period as well and of course are everywhere in evidence. They are especially prevalent on the Right, but no stranger to the Left, as we see now in spades. The Right may criticize post-modernism and the debasement of language but they have been practicing it for some time. Language has been deconstructed to the point now it is becoming increasingly impossible to have a conservation with one's political opponents and come to agreement about what has just transpired. Women and people who care about women are up against formidable foes in this fight. How clarifying to learn what many among us have known for years: Neither doctors nor lawyers as a group are on our side nor are the institutions that are supposed to represent liberal democracy, the right to dissent, and the rule of law. And it is not just women but all people who are at the receiving end of this debasement of language to advance other ideas and programs antithetical to human welfare, which it should not be necessary to discuss here. With respect to the trans issue, I agree with those who have said there has been nothing like what is happening now. In a sense it is not new, but is as old as time.

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I agree it was GREAT fun, thank you to you all 💚 I did actually LOL at "RESIGN YOU C*NTS!!" 😂

I then shared the "mess" on twatter, checked to see if link was working but it doesn’t seem to be, and now I’m getting "this video is private" 🤷‍♀️

Gremlins no doubt, maybe just me who can’t see it. Not that I’m paranoid or anything

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Re the ideas embodied in trans ideology and the inculcation of school children as well as students in college/university on the ideology and related concepts, I recommend watching Benjamin A. Boyce's interview (posted on You Tube October 1, 2020) with Debra Soh of Canada and Abigail Shrier of the U.S. on this issue and the comprehensive sex education curriculum as well. According to both, so many teachers valorize this movement and the whole idea of gender vs. sex. And teachers in many areas, none of whom should be discussing trans ideology or sex and gender within the context of the subjects they teach (especially in primary and secondary grades?), are managing to insert it into their teaching. So, it is suggested that these ideas will continue to have currency even if finally rejected by authorities and will continue to affect children and adolescents negatively. The accepted curriculum often belies what is actually being conveyed in the classrooms. These controversies are also interfering with the parents' ability to supervise and guide their children's upbringing and understanding. (Even before this issue raised its ugly head, social media and cultural products have been influencing our children negatively.) This ability to supervise and guide their children is being taken away from parents. As you know, they are sometimes threatened with the loss of their children if social workers are brought in. I was much more impressed with Debra Soh as a result of this interview. Shrier is always excellent.


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I only caught a snippet as my internet's playing up (I think I saw Jane smoking a cigarette there, haha! 😎). Though I could feel some great vibes in this one and will definitely be watching later this evening. ♥

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The glitch came back with the "In a Mess with Jane Clare Jones" video. In addition to original private message one can also receive "null, if the owner of this video has granted you access, please sign in." I am already signed in. Also, earlier I was watching again and the video went out and kept attempting to come back on, but did not.

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Hi Graham,

I had trouble with link as well. Came up as private & wouldn’t play

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Another excellent 'Mess'. Thanks

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