Escalating BBC complaints has been something discussed in a twitter group I am part of.

To do it better needs orchestrated campaigns but we are all time limited and scattered.

Can someone with expertise appoint themselves volunteer BBC complaints campaigner and ask for volunteers on rota? Feed them the issues to write in their own words?

How many of us identify with this situation - I have trans parents' groups responsibilities, working huge full time, looking after elders, trying to keep tabs on healthy teenager and estranged trans identifying daughter. And the beds don't get made.

But for a week or month at a time I could do one extra thing.

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Such good advice, Graham, and not just for complaints to the BBC. Publicly-owned broadcasters stifling debate around the world need to be called to account.

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Don't bother complaining to PBS until you are a BIG donor. I do not support public television as it is mostly propaganda of one sort or another, including on this issue.

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Solution: cancel your license.

Cut off the funding at the source.

They don't need to push this.

The real percentage of dysphoric/transitioning young people is tiny. It would never warrant this level of BBC coverage (as those who watched it pre-2010s will know).

This is engineered (some pressure group will be behind it) and enabling behaviour to almost make it seem "cool", rather than a symptom of something you need professional help with.

They're pushing it like they pushed gay rights but forgetting LGB is something unchangeable you're born with, but being trans is a choice.

Either way: cancel license. You can still watch catchup TV from all other channels.

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I'm almost of the opinion that, as far as this gender ideology is concerned, if we just sit back and let it run it's course the garbage will take itself out.


Keith Farnish Is A Nonce.

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I felt nagged into making a complaint which I have now done. A full-blown rant.

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This posted on Twitter, by @_crymiariver

The BBC go from championing men in women's sports to this without missing a beat

"The 25-year-old remains eligible to compete in women's sport despite identifying as transgender because gender identity differs from a person's sex - their physical biology"


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