Serving police officer smears Posie

Someone sent me this wondering if it’s the person behind yesterday’s visit from the plod. This is the co-chair of the Northern Ireland LGBTQWERTY police network, publicly defaming a member of the public by calling her "evil" and "utterly devoid of compassion or humanity". It’s bad enough anyone saying a woman ‘relishes pain’ because she stands up for single-sex spaces where women and children are vulnerable is, but for a serving police officer to do it is extraordinary.

Non-clown spotted at Labour Clown Car Conference

Brave woman. Good for her.

And now this.

Bill Moon’s schedule for tomorrow’s conference

A tiny shoot of hope for The Labour Party

But shame on them, nonetheless. They should never be allowed to forget this moment.

Nope. Not getting in women’s spaces. Never.

Everyone should be writing these letters

‘As a man’ is a ‘tell’

Activism corner

Clink the link for a folder full of good old-fashioned feminist tradecraft. Print out, hand out.

That’s one way of looking at it

Nothing gets past Mark

The failed comedian saw yesterday’s post about him

He’s been whinnying about me all day. Meanwhile, his bonkers thread yesterday has achieved legendary status!

Sonia is consistently great on this

A tiny shoot of hope for The Labour Party

Brilliant thread

Keep peaking, people! And keep peaking people

I stand with thee, Skelefemm!

The Truest Tweet

Thank you, Actually Karen!

Last word on the gang of timid mean girls who took against me for not obeying their orders. I promise I won’t keep on about it but Karen echoed my own thoughts perfectly here.

She also said: It's interesting and very revealing to see feminists who are paid to be feminists paid for their professional opinions getting the knives out constantly for unpaid campaigners and comedians. What are you scared of? Your own irrelevance?

They accuse others of what they do themselves. Bullying? You are doing the bullying, publicly. Nasty? You are being nasty. Obsessives? Who keeps bringing these fringe 'extremists' up? Devotion? Attention seeking? All you do is reveal your own motivations with these accusations.

You spot what you've got. Are Posie or Julia or Graham really fringe extremists? Or do you, with statements like that, reveal your own fears that you are too middle of the road and you have not gone far enough and you are afraid of your own redundancy?

Professional feminists and blue ticks with integrity do not do this, they are people of dignity and compassion, they do not get involved in the mudslinging. They have no reason to, nothing to gain. The ones who do, do so out of fear and guilt they project onto those they defame.