All this insanity is happening so that straight people can call themselves LGBT

This is the guy who “cried with happiness” when his student said it was great to be taught by a 'visibly queer tutor’. Straight tourists appropriating gay culture would be insulting enough if they weren’t also using a derogatory slur as if they share ownership of it. How dare they!

This is what the guy calls ‘visibly queer’.

He’s a bog-standard straight bloke, married to a woman! What is going on? Why are people pretending they don’t see this? (Thanks to @BarneyRubble74 for the tip!)

Maya Forstater and Nancy Kelly

Forstater and Kelly are on opposite sides of a debate that could not have higher stakes; the mental and physical well-being of our children. So I want to make it clear for as long as this site remains up: I stand with Maya Fortsater, with JK Rowling, with Keira Bell and with all the women fighting this disgusting assault on children. My prediction is that one day, figures like Nancy Kelly and Michael Cashman will have to change their names to escape the disgrace of what they condoned.

Please send this tweet to anyone on the fence about Keira Bell

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No-one can consent in a meaningful way to medical treatment with unclear or harmful outcomes. If you’ve not yet seen the Swedish docu commissioned in response to attempts to lower age of consent to PBs + which led to U-turn, here it is with English subs:

Nancy Kelley @Nancy_M_K

I am absolutely delighted at this outcome, for trans children and their families, for the trans community, and for all of us who believe in children and young people's right to make decisions about their own lives.💪😁

I hope this is true

Not one more girl should be failed as Keira was.

Not a bright person

Nice try, James

James Billingham is trying to distract from our article by posting tweets by a woman who I helped back onto Twitter when she was banned for standing up for herself. Now she’s pulled an Amy Dyess and is talking about the ‘GC Cult’. She pops up every time I start trending and makes vague claims about terrible things that I have done. Luckily, I have our entire email history, which is the only way we communicated. I do not want to publish it, as I think this woman needs help, but neither will I allow James Billingham, who should be in jail, to manipulate further an already vulnerable human being.

Don’t be distracted. Here is the piece he’s trying to ensure you don’t read.

This is that American TRA lunatic in Ireland

How corrupted are you that you would say something like this about Keira Bell? This was ‘liked’ by Lilith Ferreyra-Carroll of TENI.

Insane that he’s gone and not the fraudulent academics he exposed

This is what happens when you oppose gay conversion therapy

Poor old Philip.

Even betraying JK Rowling wasn’t enough to spare him a visit by the woke reeducation police.

And look what’s next from the lunatic handmaidens at the royal society of authors.


Ben Hunte is already a disaster for Vice

We need to start standing up to these children

A lot of this is trolls and useful idiots manipulating vulnerable people/delusional violent psychopaths

Norm MacDonald on mortality

Lib Dem Councillor thinks rape victims don’t deserve same-sex carers

You can write to Rodney at and ask him why he agrees with men in women’s sports, the medicalisation of gender-nonconforming children, the harassment of women like JK Rowling etc etc etc And please let him know I’d be happy to publish his answers here.

Queen Jane

Do Angela Rayner’s constituents agree with her that rape victims do not need female carers etc? Perhaps it’s time to ask. You can contact her here. please let me know if she replies with anything subtsantive.

This thread is a joy.

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But most importantly, spread the word, talk to friends and family, keep trying to explain to them what’s going on.

Most importantly, don’t lose heart. Keira will have her day. Meanwhile, her bravery means that thousands more parents understand what’s going on, that this is a social contagion, and that there is nothing ‘reversible’ about puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Thanks to Keira Bell, children are already safer. That’s a win.

Also a win. Helen, Arty and I will be talking to Doctor Michael Biggs about the Keira ruling on a Special Mess We’re In tomorrow at 4pm. Don’t miss it!