Clown Court Chanbers.

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Jesus wept! They haven't learnt, have they/them.

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An amazing lady who has been abused by her employers, Alison is a hero

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I have just sent this email to University of Sussex NHS Trust Research Department. Nothing to do with the topic here but I think we should all make an effort to counter this fetishist nonsense.

As Kelly-Jay Keen said on GB news recently. A man putting his nipple in a baby's mouth is a paedophilic act- so that makes these Transwomen paedophiles.

I have been circumspect in my personal comments in the email as these people could be dangerous and nothing other than apologists for deviants.

'....Although there may be in this context genuine cases of a Transsexual person who has undergone all the necessary medical interventions to appear to have changed sex- in this case Male to Female, I refer you to material I came across regarding this situation about men who identify as women but retain their genitalia.

I am concerned that if you are not careful you may be opening the door not just to harming the health of babies long term but of celebrating a sexual fetish.

I include the material below. NB The Date. What was once a warning of things to come if we weren't careful, seems to be becoming a reality

The Queering Of Motherhood

Our language must not 'evolve' to benefit fetishists,

by Genevieve Gluck and StillTish

Oct 16th 2021

A new mum turned to online forums for advice about breastfeeding and discovered to her horror that other women in the group were suggesting that trans-identified males should be accepted into the group. What’s the big deal? they argued.

Well, the big deal, and the reason this mum has reservations, is that she knows that autogynephiles exist. She knows that just a few clicks away from these forums are men like this, and that they are legion, and they are demanding access to women’s spaces.

The technical term for a lactation fetish is lactophilia, and there is an abundance of online communities and pornography centered on it. For example, Reddit, which hosts a wide range of pornographic content and requires no age verification, features a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of “HuCow”, a portmanteau of “human cow”, or the fetishisation of women as service animals for their owner, or “farmer”.

It currently has over 87,000 members.

Yet lactophilia is not only limited to the sexualized degradation of women; men who identity as transgender can be seen online openly displaying their arousal while attempting to lactate.

A cursory search for transgender erotica on Amazon reveals “MTF transformation” erotica specifically centered on the lactophilia fetish. “The farmer I found to plow this field of mine also wanted to get a little milking done,” the summary reads. “I never thought being a woman could be this pleasurable.”

Though this self-published erotica sold through Amazon seems niche and humorous in its absurdity, it is the tip of the iceberg in a far greater sprawling mass of content posted across social media and online forums where men encourage each other in their fetishes -- which is in turn symptomatic of the even greater trend in dividing the entire experience of womanhood into consumable, sexualized parts.

In 2017, trans-identified male Dana Fried wrote an article for The Stranger describing his attempt to breastfeed his newborn daughter in which he states, “Yeah, I kind of got off on it. Don’t judge,”.


He goes on to say, “When they pulled my daughter free of my wife’s body, I was the first one to hold her. I took her back to the hospital room and did what any mom would do -- I put her on my bare chest and let her find my breast.”

Previously known as David, Fried currently works for Google and has tweeted out a photo of himself flipping the bird outside of a women’s restroom in protest of a 2017 proposed Washington state bill that would have protected single-sex facilities for women.

In a series of testimonies published by Trans Widows’ Voices, women who have been in relationships with autogynephilic, trans-identified men report that their partner began claiming a female identity during their pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. Elements of women’s reproductive capacity in particular appear to trigger envy in these men.

In August, it was reported that the US Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine had issued guidelines suggesting the use of terms such as “chestfeeding” and “human milk feeding” to promote “gender-inclusive language”. It’s difficult not to notice the obvious parallels between the terms “human milk feeding” and the adjacent pornography genre of “human cows”.

The fracturing of women’s selfhood from their sexed bodies that is at the root of gender identity ideology mirrors the splitting of women into objectified, consumable parts depicted in pornography. When women are not defined as adult human females, they are instead relegated to splintered parts that are made available for possession: a lactating person, a pregnant person, a cervix-haver, a menstruator.

All of these terms allow men to not only stake their claim to the female sex but to simultaneously claim that their particular fetish is what truly constitutes womanhood. This dehumanizing language props up a myriad of industries that exist to extract resources from female flesh: the sex industry, the pornography industry, and the burgeoning surrogacy industry. Gender ideology reduces women to parts and functions and in doing so, erases our humanity.

The push to deconstruct motherhood, and even the term “mother” itself, alongside the onslaught of degrading “inclusive” terminology, exacerbates the objectification of the most basic elements of the human experience.

This is yet another of the countless reversals spawned by this ideology. Motherhood, like womanhood, is a state of being. It is not a performance. Rather, gender identity ideology is performative and presents as authentic an insulting pantomime of the female sex.

The current framing of men’s desire to experience breastfeeding and motherhood as somehow progressive ought to strike us as an insult to humanity overall; it is not only an assault on women, but on the mother-child bond, and it should be obvious to everyone that using children as props to validate an erotic delusion constitutes abuse....'

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All the muppetry summed up in one slide! If these people knew how stupid and arrogant they looked...what am I saying? They'll probably going to carry on being stupid and arrogant. At least they're letting everyone know that their chambers aren't fit for purpose.

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Note the colours of they/them's tie. They/them has to be be one of the most narcissistic subjective identities. Imagine thinking you are so important and speshul that there are more than one of you, and the rest of us have to play along? Unbelievable. I know a they/them now. She was a plain old lesbian on her wedding day, which I attended, and now there are more than one of her suddenly. Her wife, she/her, wrote a long and incredibly boring paen to the they/them spouse on FB recently. It read weirdly. Instead of sounding loving and connected, it made the they/them sound distant and untouchable, and as though the they/them were making the she/her reach and reach for 'them'. It came across as some kind of silent control. Very creepy. All because the pronouns changed.

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'Non-binary' personalities certainly are in 'troubled' and 'unknown' waters, haha.

If you reject biological reality, you're certainly 'troubled'.

And your numpty 'non-binary' 'identity' -- 'known' only to you -- will forever remain 'unknown' to others.

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Just why are supposedly smart people playing the stupid pronoun game. I’m embarrassed for them. Remind not to go to Garden Chambers if I need a barrister. Fools.

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Utter fools and tosh!

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Leigh Day (rich/bastards)

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Nicola Braganza - I knew her when our kids were at primary school and she was very right-on then (the type that thinks that racism is something that only white people do and that it's Islamophobic to have an issue with Islamist terrorism) but I didn't think she was bad enough to let down her entire sex in favour of a few misogynist male narcicists. The display of she/her pronouns reads like a KKK symbol, very threatening, very aggressive, chilling. What a champion Allison Bailey is to put up with her and her colleagues - I was keeping up with the case but didn't realise it was the same woman I used to know and be friends with!

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I read that title as 'How Not To Learn Anything Ever About Anything and How We Do It Again And Again'. Who hasn't heard what they've been up to?

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Leigh Day represented Prof Jo Phoenix. I assume that they did not demand that 'their' pronouns were displayed. https://www.leighday.co.uk/news/news/2024-news/prof-jo-phoenix-wins-gender-critical-discrimination-case-against-open-university/

They are also doing the case against Sizewell C (Emma Bateman was heavily involved before she got caught up in all this trans shit) https://www.leighday.co.uk/news/news/2024-news/campaigners-apply-for-supreme-court-appeal-in-fight-against-sizewell-c-nuclear-power-station/

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Top picture would make speech bubble competition.

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Don’t know who the guy in the photo is but I suggest his pronouns are ‘dumb/dumber’.

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Fucking hell! Unbelievable. Idiots.

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