Day two and Eddie Izzard is still a bloke

Please do send me any examples of comedians beclowning themselves by going along with this shite. Mark Steel here contributes a doozy.

Oh, mate.

Well, now

20 murderers in the UK identify as trans

Number of trans people murdered in the UK in the last year: 0 (and thought to be 9 in total since recording began in 2009).

Number of murderers in the UK who said they are trans last year: 20 (a rise from 9 when the question was last asked in 2016).

How 'transwomen are women’ works

Forwarned is forearmed.

In the week that followed the Keira Bell ruling, GenderGP raised enough money to stop two children going through puberty for a year

A man who runs a rape crisis centre feels at home in the Green Party

On the same day that a Green Party MSP quit, because the party is run by TRAs, a transwoman - who manages a rape crisis centre for women - has announced that they have quit the SNP and joined the Green Party.

Women who resist? Not so welcome.

If you are a member of Green Party Women (within the Green Party of England and Wales), please cast your vote before midnight on 23 December in the election for the new Green Party Women committee. Please vote in the election for the following pro-women, anti-woo candidates:

Emma Bateman and Rebecca Johnson, 

Claudine Letsae, 

Nicola Watson, 

Gillian Mills, 

Faty Kane and Julia Lagoutte, 

Charlie Hamilton, 

Chris Holt.

You should have had an email containing your ballot on 14 Dec from Opavote Voting (assuming you are a member of Green Party Women). If you have any questions, go here.

Watch out for this person on Facebook

‘Mixed-sex toilets are perfectly safe’

Seattle Public Schools is being sued by a girl, because it failed to protect her when it introduced an 'all gender' toilet, where she was raped by an older male student. The rapist, who was initially supported by the school, has sexually assaulted two girls, receiving a suspended sentence both times.

Oh, mate

Before our very eyes, a comedian turns into a clown.

#TheStanilandQuestion goes to court

A 14-year-old schoolgirl in the UK is threatening a judicial review over police recordings of 'non-crime hate incidents'. She asked: 'Is it out of order to question if it's appropriate for a male-bodied person to be in my school toilet without fear of police intervention?'

Best thing about these desperately sad porn victims is the head-tilt to signify that they’re now women. This guy is a classic example.

Keep your eye out for the head-tilt! It’s very common!

Just the strangest man

Guess which prison he’s gong to

Everything is worse for trans people

A health magazine has said stillbirths are worse for trans people because nurses might not affirm their gender identity and the pregnancy break they should have had from taking testosterone can lead to mood swings.

When did the public vote for this?

The BBC again

The BBC has said it created an animation of a factory in which male and female brains were put into stick people, and occasionally a female brain was placed into a male stick body, to explain transgenderism to children.

The good news for Shappi is that at least two judges now believe we are free to say this

Shappi forgets to beclown herself for a moment.