'Danielle' Muscato, grifter supreme

‘Danielle’ or ‘Ellie’ Muscato is a 37-year old (yes, really) ‘civil rights activist’ and in Muscato’s own words, a ‘trans woman who can’t transition’.

Muscato is potentially facing a jail sentence after being arrested on eight drugs-related charges, according to the GoFundMe set up to cover legal costs (which to date has raised nearly $15,000).

Muscato was a former PR director for American Atheists and came to prominence in 2016 when he attacked Donald Trump in a series of tweets after the latter complained about his portrayal on Saturday Night Live.

Muscato gained 50,000+ followers that night, which he’s since used to try to get several people fired from their jobs and to publicly shame women who didn’t want to be in a relationship with him, as well as his shameless grifting.

“Stick it to the bigots”.

“A life-threatening heart condition that precludes me from hormonal transition.”

“My car got towed.”

“I’m actually housing-insecure.”

“I broke my glasses.”

Muscato often states that the best way to combat ‘TERF bigots’ is to donate directly to him. Muscato’s activism relies heavily on listing the many times he gets misgendered in public, which always seems to come as a surprise to him despite the ‘can’t transition’ thing, and the many misfortunes that befall him and his belongings. He also continually asserts his right to be in women’s spaces and once used a women’s shelter when he was evicted by his parents (who had to go through the courts to kick him out), where he filmed a tour of his room.

At one point he took advice from abusive sex pest Jonathan ‘Jessica’ Yaniv, with whom he has many similarities, about how to get people who disagree with him permanently banned from Twitter. (Yaniv is the man responsible for getting Meghan Murphy banned from Twitter along with countless other women).

His piggybacking of the #metoo movement also saw him going viral with the question ‘what would you do if all men had a 9pm curfew?’

The use of “we” in that sentence is something, isn’t it?

Muscato, who seems to identify as an asexual polyamorous panromantic lesbian (maybe not all at once), is best known to gender-critical people for celebrating International Women’s Day in 2017 by commanding anybody who disagreed with the statement ‘some women have penises’ to suck his dick.

To date, Muscato has enjoyed the support of liberal feminists and body positivity activists such as Clementine Ford and Jameela Jamil for expanding the bandwidth of what it is to be a woman. The latter even recommended Muscato as a ‘cool and important voice / activist / writer’ to follow during Women’s History Month.