Another man steals a woman's place on the podium

Laurel Hubbard isn't the only cheat going to the Olympics.

Another male has taken a women’s slot at this year’s Olympics, after dominating the women’s section following their recent ‘transition’. But this story, perhaps, goes even further against fair play than the one of Laurel Hubbard.

Stephanie Barrett is a 42 year old Canadian computer game developer who, aged 37, took up archery. Within two years Barrett won gold at the 2018 Canadian Field and Target Championships, and this year Barrett equaled the Canadian women’s record by shooting 652 at the World Cup, and won the silver medal in the American Continental Qualification Tournament, ensuring qualification for Tokyo.

This has led to gushing editorials comparing Barrett to Joan of Arc and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

This article, for example, states that Barrett’s meteoric rise is due to good coaching, family support and Barrett’s mental strength.

But none of these articles even mention that Barrett has an advantage over all the other competing women - he’s male.

Even the official Team Canada website biography of Barrett doesn’t mention that he’s male, nor does Barrett’s Wikipedia page.

We only know that this person is male because users of the website Kiwi Farms thought that some of the pictures of Barrett (seen here on the far left), who’s 6 foot 1, were reminiscent of Gabriella Ludwig.

They then found a YouTube video of Barrett speaking briefly in 2017, with, what sounded like, a male voice.

They searched his tweets, and found that in 2008, Barrett started hormone treatment and in 2012 had sex reassignment surgery, while also posting at the time about transgender awareness.

To sum up, another woman has missed out on her dream place at the Olympics because a male is allowed to compete with women in a women’s category, and both the media and Olympics organisers are not just lauding this person, they’re now refusing to even mention that this unfairness is happening, and leaving it entirely to the public to do their own investigative work.