Another central outlier: Rachel McKinnon

ANOTHER trans identified male has a paedophile for a housemate

(The following is adapted from a thread by @artofhunger75)

Rachel McKinnon/Dr. Veronica Ivy has been an outspoken advocate for women accepting trans-identified males into women’s sport.

This person who uses ‘doctor’ in their name, but is currently being removed from his position at a University just saw their live-in roommate “life partner” arrested for trying to solicit a minor.

Why is this important to the larger debate? Well, like Jeffrey Marsh and Munroe Bergdorf before him, Dr Rachel Mckinnon (now Veronica Ivy) has made videos telling vulnerable ‘trans kids’ to reach out specifically to them.

The good doctor said this In a Mother’s Day sermon: “A word to the kids, the trans kids whose parents maybe don't support them as much as we would hope. Unfortunately, this is too common. I want to give you some help, though. I want you to know that it's okay to walk away from unsupportive or disrespectful, or even abusive, parents. And I want to give you hope that you can find what we call your glitter family. Your queer family. We are out there, and the relationships that we make in our glitter families are just as real, just as meaningful as our blood families.”

(This is not to say that Marsh and Bergdorf have dubious motives, it just serves to emphasise why random adults on the Internet should never tell children to contact them privately. It also shows why the NSPCC’s disgraceful response to Bergdorf doing so fell far below what we would expect from (squints) The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.)

“So? It’s just one person.” Well, no. There’s also Aimee Challenor, another central outlier, who was on a board at Stonewall when they decided to go all-in on Queer Theory and infect the rest of the country with it. Aimee’s (much-older) boyfriend is a key moderator on Reddit, and Aimee recently boasted of getting ALL gender-critical subs banned from Reddit.

(For more on ‘hypnocaptions’, read Genevieve Gluck’s exposé here)

For Rachel/Veronica, this is quite the fall from grace. If you’ve ever had to convince friends and family you aren’t an alt-right bigot for supporting Women’s Rights you might’ve gotten hit with this official Mainstream NBC hit piece on JK Rowling written by the good ‘doctor’.

So, a male living with an alleged paedophile asking kids to talk directly with him behind their parents’ backs, who made his name using his huge body to dominate women in sports was held up by NBC as an authority on Women Speaking About Women’s Issues. And now Joe Biden has signed an executive order stating that men like Challenor and Ivy are to be considered women in every way, including in rape crisis centres and prisons.

What could go wrong?