Amazon's double standards

A special report by Genevieve Gluck

A best-selling book criticizing the gender ideology movement was pulled from Amazon sometime during the month of February. The exact date that When Harry Became Sally, by Ryan T. Anderson, was removed from the online retailer is unclear, as the author claims he was not notified by Amazon, but instead by an individual attempting to purchase his book.

“This harms the entire culture of book authoring, publishing, and reading--as it will have a chilling effect on all aspects of the book market,” Mr Anderson told The Independent. “Likewise it cuts off important political and cultural discussion about important matters when we need it most.”

Anderson believes his book may have been banned in response to an opinion article published on February 21 in The New York Post titled “Biden’s Equality Act is a Danger to Women’s Conscience and Rights.” In a correspondence with Newsweek, Anderson said, "Three years after publication, in the very same week that the House of Representatives is going to ram through a radical transgender bill amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Amazon erases my book opposing gender ideology from their cyber shelves. Make no mistake, both Big Government and Big Tech can undermine human dignity and liberty, human flourishing and the common good.”

Amazon’s guidelines for books states, “we believe that providing access to the written word is important, including content that may be considered objectionable... We don’t sell certain content including content that we determine is hate speech, promotes the abuse or sexual exploitation of children, contains pornography, glorifies rape or pedophilia, advocates terrorism, or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive.”

These statements are contradictory; by removing Anderson’s book, Amazon is violating its own guidelines to include “content that may be considered objectionable”. Moreover, Amazon does, in fact, sell content that contains pornography and promotes the sexual exploitation and abuse of children. These materials can easily be found via searches related to transgender erotica.

The following are examples of transgender erotica sold by Amazon which include age regression (a euphemism for sexualization of children), bimbofication (the eroticization of women as pornified objects), pregnancy fetishes, and even sexual fantasies about men competing in women’s sports.

“Turning My Son Into a Pretty Little Girl” by Nora Anderson

“You can expect your son to be reluctant at first, but this is an essential part of the lesson. It was relatively easy to get my son to dress like a girl at home. It was harder to get him to start going to school in a girl's uniform and to take ballet lessons. I would advise you to arrange play dates for your son with friends in small groups so that both he and his friend will get more comfortable with the idea that he's going to start living as a girl.
At home with me, he easily confessed that he enjoyed dressing up—he was just afraid of what the boys at school would think. I told him that having guys notice your pretty outfit isn't always such a bad thing. Of course, I was hoping that my son would readily embrace his new identity as a girl. I really wanted him to be a daughter. Sometimes boys need to be put in their place in order to learn the rules. It wasn't always easy, but I am delighted to say that my son has never acted more feminine than he is now!”

Changed Into a Little Girl: Two Strange Tales of Transgender Age Regression by Mindi Flyth


Could anything be more humiliating for a man than being transformed into a little girl? To lose everything he's worked for, his power, his prestige, his very manhood, and to be forced to start his whole life over as a tiny, helpless girl young enough to be his own daughter?

Changed into a Little Girl collects two of Mindi Flyth's stories about grown men who suffer this strange fate. In "Big Words" we meet Ethan, who was changed into a six-year-old blonde by a lab accident and now struggles to cope with his new body, his changing role in his family and his own increasingly childish behavior. "Sugarplum" introduces us to Vern, an arrogant man who learns that if you cheat on your witch of a wife, she may do something far worse than divorce you. She may just wave her wand and transform you into the daughter she's always wanted.

These dark fantasy tales take us inside the minds of two men who refuse to accept the cute little girl they see in the mirror. We know their frustration as the world around them refuses to treat them like the adult men they feel like inside. And we know their desperation, as the truth begins to sink in that they may never be men again.

The Man Who Became a Pregnant Teen: (turned into a pregnant girl - a transgender romance) by Lisa Change


After impregnating his 18-year old mistress, macho alpha male banker Drake makes the mistake of telling his long-suffering wife Rita. But Rita isn’t just any woman. She’s a powerful witch, and she gets her revenge by turning Drake into the very thing he deserves to be… a gorgeous, pregnant 18-year old girl!

Trapped in the body of heavily pregnant teen Daisy, Drake must suddenly learn to cope with having a swollen belly, stretch marks, and breasts that are heavy with milk. Worse still, the magic has also given Drake a handsome, older husband!

Can Drake escape his new body, with its strange cravings and unborn baby? Or will he spend the rest of his life trapped as a pregnant girl?

Lisa Change’s latest tale of gender transformation and magical male pregnancy is a delightful journey into the mind of one confident adult male who becomes a shy and pregnant teen girl. Written with a perfect eye for detail, it builds to a sensational climax!

The Hottest Bimbo Bundle: 7 Genderswap Sex Stories: First Time Feminization, Transformed MTF, Bimbofication by Leith Freeman
The hottest, naughtiest genderswap sex stories, one for each lustful day of the week!

Normal guys transform into slutty, horny bimbos when they can’t resist their own secret transformation desires.

From nerd to big breasted slut, professor to teasing co-ed brat, vacationer to island goddess, and many more, all in this mega bargain bundle.

Find the following stories inside:

The Bimbo Gene: Man to Bimbo

Transformed and Feminized on Vacation

From Boss to Bimbo: The New Sissy in the Office

Holiday Body Swapped: From Santa to Mrs. Claus

Transformed From Guy To Goth Girlfriend

Bimbo For a Night (Transformed MTF)

Becoming Female: Genderswapping the Professor

A Boy Gets Pregnant by Nikki Crescent


Timothy and Petra have spent years trying to get pregnant, but a rare condition has prevented Petra from carrying a pregnancy for more than a couple of weeks. Now, there’s a new medical procedure and Carson is the perfect candidate. Timothy is willing to pay Carson a lot of money, and all Carson has to do is receive a temporary organ transplant and then carry a baby for nine months.

The Trap Athlete by Paris Skye


Everything is about to change when his sister sustains a devastating injury during a training session. She gives him an offer he can’t refuse. Pretend to be Stephanie for a year while she secretly recovers and he’ll be paid millions. Stephen agrees because he needs the money and it’s only temporary.

Become a woman for a year? How hard could it be?

Suddenly, he’s thrust into a whole new feminine world filled with makeup, a changing body, and a growing assortment of hungry male attention.

With his new body, comes new feelings and desires. As the pressures of being a girl mount up, the line blurs on what’s pretend and what’s real.

Eventually, he’s forced to make a choice. Go back to being a man or go all the way as a sexy girl.

In the Game (Part 3) M2F Body Possession by M Willis


In the conclusion to In the Game, Ethan and his team of gamer girls are on top of the world. With the Clone Em app he's now essentially permanently copied his mind into four sexy women, nudging them from their normal lives to become his sexy duplicates. When they're not practicing the video game they're practicing on each other, driving their possessed bodies to new heights of pleasure and growing an online brothel that's almost as popular as their eSports team.

But the integrity commission begins to suspect them of cheating, and Julia, a snoopy reporter, won't stop investigating how Ethan's disparate team of women all spontaneously gained an interest -- and a mastery -- in eSports. The commission has sent Olivia to investigate, and Ethan is hesitant to possess her and use her like the others, worried that will just draw more attention to Julia's stories.

Sold: A Forced Feminization Story by Honey Wells


After years of agreeing to be dominated and feminized by my wife, she one day decided without my knowledge to put me up for auction to the highest bidder.

After the auction, fear filled me as I was transported to an unknown location to see out my days forced to service men in a whore house. After a failed escape attempt, they ensure my first client group wouldn't be fun for me. Without a choice I was thrown to a ravenous group of men who were allowed to do whatever they liked with me.

He Became a Bride: Transgender, First Time by Elizabeth Jacques


Christian Caruthers is a teenage boy in middle school who has a secret...but not the one that you might be thinking of. Christian just doesn't like to play with boys and would rather spend his time reading fashion magazines and watching soap operas. He wants to be a big, strong man like his father but as he grows up and reaches the age when most boys start to notice girls, he finds that he is actually noticing other boys instead. Unfortunately for him, he comes from a strict Evangelical family where such things are forbidden. So, Christian tries his best to suppress his natural urges. Things take a turn for the worse when he is forced to accompany his mother and sisters to a bridal store to pick out bridesmaid dresses. Christian can't help but admire the dresses, jewelry and shoes and wishes that it was he who was trying on the dresses instead. He gets his wish as he is drafted to fill in for his twin sister who misses the trip. However, Christian's natural feelings and his religious upbringing have a severe conflict between themselves...with unexpected results. One thing leads to another and a huge argument between Christian's mother and sister leads to Christian impersonating his twin at the wedding. But is being a bridesmaid on one occasion where this stops? Or does it lead to a profound awakening that leads to Christian becoming the bride at his own wedding?

When it comes to transgender erotica available on Amazon, there is no shortage of content promoting misogyny, homophobia, sexualization of minors, and sex trafficking. Every aspect of the female experience is fetishized, from adolescence to birthing. Women are reduced to pornified “bimbos” and stories of men who would otherwise be homosexual being converted into women abound. By their own admission, these themes ought to be a violation of Amazon’s guidelines. However, such content is protected under the guise of progressivism afforded to gender ideology, while criticism of the truly regressive nature of the gender movement simply disappears from existence.