A woman to look out for: Esther Giles

by Kate McEwan

(Graham: I’m delighted that people are sending me these stories. Please keep doing so!)

In the 2020 most ‘progressive’ cities list, Bristol has moved up to become the second woke capital of the UK. This is something that gender critical women have long known to their cost, as for the last two years a bitter war has been waged against them by trans rights activists.

The most notable victim of this war is Esther Giles, currently running for the post of Treasurer on the Labour Party NEC. Despite being one of the most qualified candidates in terms of her background as a financial director in the NHS, these TRA’s and their very enthusiastic female assistants are determined to try and tarnish her campaign by unfounded accusations of transphobia.

Two years ago, Esther stood by a friend who was being hounded on social media by a trans-identified male named Karen Passmore. At the meeting to select local councillor candidates shortly afterwards, Esther was prevented for standing as a local councillor and was branded a transphobe. This accusation was not upheld by the Labour party.

Shortly after this Esther retweeted an article written by a trans person criticising the tactics of TRA’s because she found it described her treatment perfectly. This retweet was the second piece of so-called evidence used to prove her transphobia. At the time Heather Peto called for Esther’s expulsion from the party. Karen Passmore’s behaviour towards Esther at a subsequent meeting was so aggressive that the Women’s officer arranged that Esther should always have two people with her at any meeting where Karen Passmore was present.

Since then there has been a low level co-ordinated campaign across social media to promote the allegations that Esther is a transphobe, driven principally by another trans-identified male, Kaz Self, and two willing assistants, Gwyneth Brain and Mandy Parry (Amanda Barbara). This campaign has gone up a gear in the last two days since the ballots for the NEC elections went out.

Esther is running a campaign for financial transparency and good governance within the party. At our local CLP meeting to nominate candidates, despite the agreement to speak only for our nominations, Kaz Self managed to liken Esther to an iceberg upon which the Labour Party could be wrecked. Esther has been called a vile transphobe, and a ‘rancid anti-semite’. Any post on any forum supporting Esther’s campaign is being quickly taken over by this group of activists who endlessly repeat the same false accusations.

When we were planning Esther’s campaign, we were fully aware that this was likely to happen. Esther is very stoical, but it’s terrible to see a good woman hounded in such a way, at a time when the Labour party needs courageous and principled people within its ranks. We need everyone to intervene if they see Esther’s campaign being hijacked in this way, and we need the gaslighting and abuse called out.

Kate McEwan, Labour Party member.