A Week in the War on Women: Monday 17th May - Sunday 23rd May

Monday 17th May - French Rugby Kicks Women Into Touch

RUGBY PASS: The French rugby authority has ruled that trans-identified males can play on female teams.

The French Rugby Federation previously allowed trans-identified males to play women’s rugby only if they had undergone physical transition and officially altered their civil record. But the new rules mean that males can join women’s teams as long as they show that they have taken hormone treatment for at least 12 months and that their testosterone levels are under five nanomoles per litre.

This decision is in direct contravention of World Rugby guidelines which advise against allowing trans-identified males, whatever their stage of transition, to play on women’s teams. Last year, the organisation conducted a major scientific review into transgender participation and concluded that female players are at ‘significant risk’ of serious injury when playing with and against transwomen.

The French Rugby Federation has chosen to ignore this data and is compromising women’s safety for the sake of male feelings.

Tuesday 18th May - These Are Not Our Crimes

EXAMINER LIVE: A dangerous trans-identified child rapist has been sentenced to 22 years imprisonment.

Allan Brennan committed a string of horrendous sexual offences against children over a period of two decades. He was convicted of attempted rape of a child under 13; assault of a girl under 13 by penetration; five counts of sexual activity with a child; assault by penetration; two counts of sexual assault; sexual activity with a child; and five counts of indecent assault. His youngest victim was just four years old.

Throughout this article he is described as a woman and referred to with female pronouns. There is one oblique reference to his sex - “Jessica Brennan, who was Allan Brennan at the time of offending, preyed on young children” - but there is otherwise no indication that he is a man.

This BBC piece about Brennan’s conviction uses almost identical wording and obscures his sex in the same way.

Also Today - These Are Not Crimes #2

THE TIMES: A trans-identified male and former PCSO has admitted to possessing banned weapons and making an improvised explosive device.

Zoe Watts has featured on this site before. He’s a former police community support officer who also worked at Lincolnshire Police force in a civilian role. He’s a trans activist and used to be the equalities officer for Lincolnshire Police UNISON.

He has a YouTube channel called Survival Mistakes on which he has published several videos. In one particular video, he modifies a baseball bat with shards of broken glass and then uses it to smash up watermelons bearing the faces of people who displease him. One of those is feminist icon, Germaine Greer.

Watts has just appeared in court, admitting to six charges relating to the possession of weapons and of making an improvised explosive device. He’s due to be charged at the end of June and is facing a prison sentence.

It seems that none of the press coverage has mentioned that Watts is a trans-identified male. In reporting on the case, the BBC, Lincolnshire Live and the Daily Mail have all used female pronouns throughout their articles.

Also Today - These Are Not Our Crimes #3

THE NORTHERN ECHO: A convicted sex offender failed to notify authorities of his change of name.

In 2011 former soldier, Andrew McNab, pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a girl under 13 and was sentenced to a year’s imprisonment. Since his release, he has repeatedly breached his ten-year notification requirement order.

This week he was in court after changing his name to Chloe Thompson but failing to notify the necessary authorities of his new ‘gender identity’ and his new name. He was caught after using his new identity to set up a TikTok account, a favourite site among teenagers and adolescents.

Wednesday 20th May - These Are Not Our Crimes #4

THE LIVERPOOL ECHO: A trans-identified male used library computers to access child pornography.

Paul Wilson has six previous convictions for 39 offences. In 2008 he was given a community order for possession of indecent images of children. He breached that community order twice in the same year and was later jailed for possessing more indecent images of children. In 2015 he was imprisoned for four years for threats to kill and possession of prohibited images.

Last week Wilson appeared in Liverpool Crown Court having accessed indecent images of children using public computers in Liverpool libraries.

The accompanying photograph makes it obvious that Wilson is male. The article, however, does not. There is a reference to his real name - “Melissa Wilson, whose name was given in court listings as ‘Paul Wilson, also known as Melissa Wilson’” - but he’s described as ‘she’ and ‘her’ throughout. And, judging from this report, it seems he was also referred to with female pronouns in court.

We’re constantly told that transwomen never pose any threat to women and girls and that no man would ever ‘identify as a woman’ for nefarious purposes. But in just one week four dangerous trans-identified males - one a child rapist and one a convicted sex offender who tried to conceal his identity with a new gender - have been in the news.

It’s time to put a stop the dishonest and misleading reporting of male crimes. Please sign and share our petition to IPSO.

Thursday 20th May - This Is Grooming

THE GUARDIAN: Lego launches its first LGBTQ+ set.

Toy manufacturer, Lego, has created a set with an LGBTQ+ theme called Everyone is Awesome.

Of the eleven new figures, “In all but one case no specific gender has been assigned to the figures, who are intended to ‘express individuality, while remaining ambiguous’”. The exception is a purple figure with a beehive wig which, according to designer, Matthew Ashton, “Is a clear nod to all the fabulous drag queens out there”.

Great that a global company is trying to better represent LGB people. But how are they doing that if these characters have ‘no specific gender’ and their sex remains ‘ambiguous’? How can these figures be same-sex attracted if they do not have a sex? This is grooming children into accepting gender identity ideology.

Furthermore, why are kids being sold toy drag queens?

Friday 21st May - Entitled Male Enraged By Women Asserting Boundaries

THE DAILY MAIL: A London beauty salon stands by its decision to cancel a ‘gender-fluid’ customer’s appointment.

Andrea Di Giovanni, a 26 year old male who ‘identifies as gender-queer’, made an appointment to get his nails done at Style Studio in Wimbledon.

Prior to his appointment, Giovanni received a phone call from the beautician at the salon to ascertain his sex. Giovanni claims that the caller hung up on him. Salon owner, Maria, however, says that the beautician apologised for having to cancel the appointment and explained that beauty treatments are only available to female clients.

Maria later spoke to Giovanni herself, apologised again and tried to explain that the business is primarily a hair salon and, due to staff shortages caused by Covid 19, the only beautician currently available to carry out manicures is a Muslim woman whose faith prohibits her from touching males.

Giovanni, whilst demanding universal deference to his self-declared gender identity, doesn’t seem to respect someone else’s faith. (Worth noting that religion is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, but having special gendah feelz is not.)

Giovanni was outraged, claiming to be the victim of ‘queerphobia’, and took to social media to vent his fury and malign the salon. He also contacted Treatwell, a beauty listings service, trying to have Style Studio removed from its website.

He told the Daily Mail, “Trans women are women anyway, so the assumption that I'm a man is already transphobic.

He continued, “It should be a safe space for queer people, because we need to access our beauty treatment”.

Salon owner, Maria, told the paper, “I am actually quite shocked and outraged that this situation had been taken out of context at such great level and has been turned into an issue of discrimination”.

Incidentally, here is Giovanni’s own LinkedIn profile, in which he misgenders himself several times.

Saturday 22nd May - Under His Aye

Two stories from Scotland demonstrate the extent to which the police force has been ideologically captured. First of all, Stickergate gave us all a good laugh.

In a tweet since deleted, Kirkcaldy Police informed the public that some ‘controversial stickers’, have been discovered in the local area. According to The Fife Courier this has prompted a ‘hate crime’ enquiry.

This is the ‘hateful’ sticker which required such urgent police action.

The second and far darker story is Marion Millar’s horrifying account of the Scottish police demanding she attend an interview over allegedly ‘homophobic and transphobic’ tweets.

She was told she’d need to attend a police station with a holding cell. She was told an officer would attend her house bringing social workers for her children. She was not told what she’s supposed to have said.

“I am a hard working mummy who would fight to the end for the safety and dignity of women and girls and for my vulnerable twinnies. If we sit back and do nothing we will regret it for ever. For this reason I will never Wheesht.”

Sunday 23rd May - Listen To The Detransitioners

Sinead Watson, a detransitioned woman, described the devastating impact of gender medicine’s ‘affirmative model’ in a YouTube video.

Due to trauma in her early teens, Sinead had suffered with severe mental health problems, alcohol addiction and suicidal ideation for a number of years prior to attending the Sandyford gender clinic in Glasgow. Despite her previous issues being detailed in her medical records, they were never explored or discussed.

After only a couple of appointments, Sinead was prescribed testosterone and, later, referred for a double mastectomy.

Following her surgery, she stopped attending the gender clinic but was never contacted by her clinicians. This put her in danger as she required regular blood tests due to the risks of taking testosterone. But the gender clinic never got in touch.

It was a massive failure on the part of my clinic to affirm me and not challenge me. I do believe that had I been given exploratory talk therapy and addressed all the issues I was running from, I wouldn’t have transitioned. I’m only 30 years old and I will live the rest of my life with permanent irreversible and, in some instances, damaging, changes to my body. Because my gender clinic were so afraid of being branded transphobic, they didn’t challenge or question or investigate the root of my dysphoria.

Until recently, you could have spoken to Sinead on Twitter. But they’ve just banned her.

See you next week.