"Francesca Needham (back row, 4th from left)". Thanks for that, JL, I'd never have been able to tell otherwise...

But seriously, thank you for covering all this and for writing "prostitute" rather than "sex worker" like the Mail does - it's an important distinction, since "sex work" is used to sanitise the reality of prostitution. It's a euphemism like "comfort stations" instead of "brothels" or "trafficking hubs". I don't know anyone who's exited that industry who uses the term.

Also lol that the nonce's name is literally Willie.

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Many thanks JL.

Male fascists cross dressing in 1930s Nazi Germany is one of those things that seems self evident once informed. We all know a foundation of German Reich ideology was the subjugation of women. The gender identity extremism zeitgeist has picked up where they left off.

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Some of these men look like the prostitute AND the truck driver that murdered them simultaneously.

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"Nazis in dresses" -that's exactly what these trans activists still are today! What a load of violent, mentally ill, highly manipulative, self-interested losers they all are in this week's update.

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Draining. Having an early G&T. Medicinal. Can recommend.

Is the sickness getting worse or is it simply being exposed more? Why are the criminals at the Oregon WDI meeting not locked up yet? When will journalists find a backbone and start recording the truth? When will the dishonesty of the Labour activists be declared as unacceptable? Every one of these cross dressers appears to have a very dark side yet they are protected by people every where that refuse to see the reality. Had to laugh at the burly footballer who said his prostitution was in the past, as long ago as a year?! So that’s OK then. A reformed character? These people really do take us all for mugs. They believe that they can act with impunity, do whatever they want. Which mostly seems to be the case? When will the tide that is turning become tsunamic? (Made up word I think?) At least the vile psycho pervert threatening a deeply shocking school attack is locked up. Where he ought to stay. For ever. Deeply medicated, but allowed to mix with other violent psychos. Would be just awful if the other violent psychos didn’t take to him? Just awful.

I’m so grateful for Graham and all the people brave enough to put their heads above the parapet.

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If women are serious about both holding meetings and repelling the TRAs, they need to be a lot smarter. They need to go prepared for the worst. Do not take personal phones which will be full of all kinds of information about family and friends and which these truly evil people will use. Take along a cheap burner phone instead for the purpose of telephoning the police if that becomes necessary.

If filming, take along a male supporter, probably several, and let them do it because those psychopaths won't attack them in the same way. If they do, the authorities will automatically take it seriously and the TRAs will be pursued. Otherwise, use karate and self-defence women at the top of their game, and inform the police in advance that you will be prepared to protect yourselves within the law, so use mace (in the States, not in the UK where it is banned), old keys that are no longer in use, tailed, metal combs, whatever. In the UK, bottles of diluted disinfectant would work just as well as mace or take along a small plastic container of actual pepper. Just ensure that everything is legal.

Also, take a can of spray paint that will be hell to remove and spray body parts (not eyes, naturally) to help with identification. Anyone in a tussle with a TRA should try and remove his/her mask, gloves, whatever, to aid identification. Anyone on-line who subsequently boasts about his/her part in beating up on 'TERFS' without provocation, keep a note of the handle. They can be traced through handles just as easily as through names these days.

Any injuries need to be reported both to the police and to the medical centres so that they may be recorded, photograph them and put them on-line on every social media platform available. If the police refuse to attend when an incident has occurred, contact the chief constable or whoever is top of the tree in the States, Canada, Australia, etc., and ask publicly why the police are refusing to protect women against male violence? I know at least some of these suggestions are being done already. Also, ask a couple (at least two, sympathetic) off-duty, ex or serving police to stand witness at any rally and report back on the TRAs' behaviour.

Send copies of filmed abuses to politicians and ask them to contact you to confirm that they have received them and what they intend to do. Shame them publicly, if you have to, and inform the media that they are biased towards the TRAs and have abandoned women entirely. Most media outlets will not respond, but some will. Then, campaign for all females in your political area to stop voting for any politician - name them - who does not support female rights and safety. No one is asking them to drop 'trans' rights, but to support the rights of everyone to free speech and free association within the limits of the law. The police have a duty to ensure that you can be heard in any rally, so if they are allowed too close, and drowning out your right to free speech, they need to be kept a distance away, big enough to not affect your right to speak and be heard.

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As for "trans" and the Third Reich: There is not a single record of anyone being arrested, sent to a concentration camp, murdered or otherwise persecuted by the Nazis simply for being "transgender". No single name, no arrest date, nothing at all... Male homosexuals were persecuted, thousands were castrated, thousands were murdered. Some of them certainly

The only circumstance supporting that claim is the fact that the Nazis raided Magnus Hirschfeld's institute in Berlin soon after they came to power. They did so because the institute had been the center of the struggle of homosexuals for equal rights, and because its founder Hirschfeld was gay and a Jew.

Now, that institute sort of has a mixed role. On the one hand it not only fought for emancipation but also performed some scientific studies to that effect, and was a shelter and important meeting point for gay men (not sure about lesbians), including offering them medical treatment when needed. On the other hand, they also practiced quite a bit of pseudomedicine. It was also in this institute that the first ever recorded "sex change" surgeries took place. By 1933, two patients had undergone the surgery. Two!

So, in a way, we can say that the Institute invented the idea of transsexualism.

Now, one of the doctors who performed the surgeries fled the Nazi regime in 1933. (He may have been Jewish, I do not recall. At any rate, he understandably saw it fit to run.) The other doctor ended up being the approving and one overseeing the medical experiments on inmates in the Buchenwald concentration camp. As far as can be established he did not perform them himself, but he played an important role there.

As for the two patients: One was German, the other Dutch. The German patient disappears from the records, as did many others. It is unclear whether or not this had anything to do with the raid against the Institute. There could be many reasons for this, and in very few of them do the Nazis play a role at all. We know about the Dutch patient that he was back home in the Netherlands and lived there for some time after. There are no records of him being persecuted by the Nazis in 1941 or later.

Just keep that in mind, whenever Eddie Izzard identifies as victim again.

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More news of The Social Incoherence Warriors & their activities...


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Thanks as ever for your hard work, JL!! Bringing us the horror stories.

One of the regular experiences of reading this is: female name; she/her; photo of hulking, ugly great bloke!! As Az Hakeem said on the last Queens' Speech these are fetishistic transvestites who have invented a new name for themselves!! Where did all the transvestites go? Nowhere, they are still here!

Portland makes Brighton look like a tea party! Well done the brave women but the police are a disgrace! This is, of course, where Kellie-Jay had to cancel a LWS event due to 'credible death threats'.

April Hutchinson - another female sporting hero alongside Riley Gaines, the pool players, Sharron Davies, Martina etc

Shocking tactics to try and derail Rosie Duffield!! And all because of that Barclays, Izzard!

Are you gay, Eddie? No. Are you a Jew? No. Are you a Gypsy? No. Then you wouldn't have gone to the concentration camps but, as a TRANSVESTITE you would have been welcomed in the Garman Army.

Thanks again, JL

Bring on GNS 😫


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Re harassment of Rosie, it strikes me as borderline antisemitism for Izzard to compare what his situation would have been in Nazi Germany to that faced by Jews (and gays and Roma) in Nazi Germany. Sort of trivialising.

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"There’s a lot of transgenders out here that are tired of being picked on and we’re going to go into the schools and we’re going to kill their fucking children out here"

That guy should never see daylight.

They have no rational reasonable arguments so repeatedly resort to violence and intimidation, which is typically male behaviour.

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Another week another etc etc etc

I actually found myself thinking it’s not that bad this week , then i gave myself a quick kicking , it’s every bit as bad as it always is , they’re just getting braver ( not stunning ) . Am I becoming so immune to this that I could possibly think that

Admittedly I don’t come across it in my day to day life , but get a grip petal and get your head out your arse

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I used to love Eddie Izzard, I can’t watch him now.

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Nov 27, 2023·edited Nov 27, 2023

On a strangely related note -- the odd self censorship of the press who sometimes treat facts as though they are dangerous, unspeakable adversaries being on display yet again--- does anyone actually yet know WHO the Dublin stabber was/is and if or not his motives could fall into the Social Incoherence Grievance category?

They're very tight with the facts, aren't they?--- Which makes one suspect the worst. --- And since they're mostly Pro- Freedom Murderers, Pro- Freedom Rapists, Pro- Freedom Kidnappers, Pro- Freedom Child Abusers on the overall ... ? Well, it seems a little shady, doesn't it?--- all their "hard right wing riot" for none but "hate of minorities" stuff being given emphasis, being given a tight spin--- ? --- Is it just hate? --- SHOULD I be doubtful--- ?

The reporting around this is so constrained it could be a Guardian - NYTs story about "female" rapists.... It reads like the Vatican reporting on the Priest Pedophile story, 2001. --- ?

What a World, What a World!... as that Witch once said, "my kingdom for an actual fact!"

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That tweet from @NoBonzo is still up

- please report him to Twitter for inciting violence.

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False accusations of antisemitism have been weaponised by the right wing of the Labour Party against the left, and now they're being weaponised against the gender critical.

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